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    [WIP, COOP] Escape From Chertarkov

    Love this but would really like to see some dedicated server or something.
  2. devildog664

    Project injury reaction

    Awesome thank you great mod by the way.
  3. devildog664

    Project injury reaction

    Question what are the variables for this mod? Need to check if a unit is unconscious and in other non combat states.
  4. Ill explain this as short as i can. So i have a script that spawns AI civilians at each town (One town at a time) get their name (using name _Unit) and other information and then logs it into a data array and then finally removes the units. This repeats for every valid location and needs to be done at the start of the mission to mostly get the name of the civilian but also other info as well. The problem is after 288 spawns the ai seem to run out of names so their names become "Error: No Vehicle" even though they do successfully spawn. My question is there a way to clear all names so they can just start to reuse them or something along the lines of that? Better explanation. Process of events. 1. Mission starts 2. A town location is selected 3. A number of AI will spawn 4. Data from that AI just spawned will get gathered and logged 5. AI is deleted 6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all towns are done 7. Player get close to town and AI Spawn in based on logged data in step 4 Everything works perfect if the ai number is below 288. Once ai spawns hit 288 using the name command will return "Error: No Vehicle". How does one get around this.
  5. Thanks you the agent does work. Weird how that fixes the name issue would have honestly never of thought that. Again thanks everyone for quickly solving this issue for me.
  6. @wogz187, @pierremgi Updated my first post to better explain
  7. @pierremgiWithin my scripts civilian life is spawned/de-spawned along with players' distances. But when the mission starts i spawn AI in every town to get their information like their name and then delete them. Then when the player gets within range of the town the AI will spawn in based on the data gather at the beginning of the mission. This is also the same data the scanner uses. I will try making large groups but still think its something to do with the names generated for AI when they spawn in.
  8. We are not naming the civilians i need to get the random names ai spawn with to make persistent AI. So example a civilian named Jon doe is logged at this town so when ever i come back to that town i get the ai data and names of ai who live there then spawn a civilian named Jon doe. Each town depending on its size has about 10-25 civilians that live there. The overall goal of this is because im making a bio metric scanner. Within the scanner you are able to look up names of civilians and get information on them. This all works and is really cool but unfortunately after 288 names it craps out. I hope that makes sense i feel like im bad at explaining these things. @wogz187
  9. Hello so I got two question about GUIs so if someone can point me in the right direction or some useful threads it would be much appreciated. Was searching but did not find anything useful. 1. is there a way I can make a scroll panel. What I mean by this is a panel that buttons and text is attached to but you can also scroll up or down with. Example here 2. How would one make an animated GUI or moving parts to a GUI. Like ACRE does with their radio knobs that turn. If anyone has examples of good threads that discuss this that would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
  10. devildog664

    Two complex GUI questions.

    Wow that was easy I was trying to add a scroll bar to a control group haha. Very interesting I would of thought there was more to it then just many pictures. Appreciate both answers for question 2. The more options the better so I’ll play around with these and see which one works best for my application.
  11. I can add actions for myself but trying to add an action under the Interactions action of another unit. If that makes sense. No luck. Edit. Never mind got it your right its just ["ACE_MainActions"] nothing before or after. Btw that link was very helpful. Thanks guys. Got another quick question. Is there a way I can detect if an action is selected. Example: im need to set a certain variable for a unit when the player use the "Takes Prisoner" action.
  12. Can anyone help me find the Parent path names so i can add ace actions. Im trying to add an action to a civilian under their interaction but having trouble. I just need the class names for the parent paths as i guessed the ACE_Interaction but I guess that is not it. _New_Talk_Action = ["Civilian_Talk","Talk","",{[_Unit,"Talk"] call Civilian_Interaction;},{true},{},{},{},5] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [_Unit,0,["ACE_MainActions","ACE_Interactions"],_New_Talk_Action] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject;
  13. Got a question about something. Made a thread here http://alivemod.com/forum/4783-alive-profile-handler-un-registering-vehicle-profiles-after-pla
  14. As the title states how do make objects greyed out objects before placement? Im building a system to allow the player to place certain objects like sandbags, MG nests, ect but want to have what ever they are going to place in front of them and greyed out along with being see through. So basically like how before you place an object in Zeus it just shows you almost like a grey out line of it. I cannot find any info on doing this so any help in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Awesome will try it out. I didn’t even think of trying to search ghost objects that makes more sense haha.
  16. devildog664

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Love it!! This is why i love the ARMA games because what ever your in the mood for ARMA has it. whether it be Modern combat, WW2, Aliens, ect ARMA has it. Im excited to see this DLC.
  17. So just a quick update I used the ORBAT as sugested and made the APCs into a new faction and removed all the CargoGunner positions in the config and now it works like a charm. So i dont know if you guys want to look into this issue and see why your scripts want to fill the CargoGunner positions first over the actual gunner positions. So again the issue can be reproduced every time by spawning in a crewed vehicle with CargoGunner positions then letting it despawn and then respawn again.
  18. I figured the range would do nothing but i have tried waiting but still same effect. The faction is the Community Upgrade Projected(CUP) that is listed as a supported faction for ALIVE. I will try and see if i can edit it through the ORBAT or what i was thinking about doing is when ever a vehicle profile is spawned back in i can just run a script on the group to take the crew members and just assign them to the gunner and commander spots. Is there a way i can almost set an eventhandler or something so when ever a profile is spawned back in i can run the script? The CUP vehicles have the CargoGunner positions which seem to be priority over the gunner and commander.
  19. Lowered the despawn range and just ran and it has the same effect. I also noticed that more crew members are created then needed. I’m thinking it could be the config for the CUP vehicle and that the script is returning the turret spots (the cargo positions that you can shoot out of) of the vehicle as actual gunner positions. That could also be causing the issue where the crew takes up those cargo turret spots before the actual gunner and commander spots.
  20. Seems to be a weird issue with CUP APCs. So spawn in a crewed CUP apc let’s say an AAV now teleport the player near the apc so it spawns in and look at it and everything will be good. Now teleport the player far away so the APC despawns then again teleport back to the area so it spawns and the crew will get out and move into cargo positions every time except the driver. Does not happen with RHS APCs seems to just be the CUP ones.
  21. devildog664

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I know how Arma AI is haha but they do not sit on the beach they push up into the island. I did multiple play tests and they push right up off the beach. The reason why they were sitting on the beach In the beginning is because they let are a lot of dug in enemy’s but once they get cleared they start pushing. Allowfleeing I use that on all my missions haha. But the mission actually get even more intense as you proceed because the enemy control points can spawn their on reinforcements if they have enough supplies and their HQ can send in tanks and other vehicles.
  22. devildog664

    Faces of War [WW2]

    What do you guys think so far? Still WIP
  23. devildog664

    VCOM AI OPFOR Factions

    Do these factions work with ALIVE?
  24. I actually fix it just kept rebinding to different keys and restating it and it just randomly worked with the windows key. Thanks for all your help guys.