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  1. The issue was definitely there. Maybe you have missed that I already fixed it and pushed an updated version. If you already have version 5.2 then you will not experience it. :)
  2. I've updated the mod to version 5.2. The download is, as usual, available at all sources listed in the first post. This version fixes the mentioned issue (thanks to @xxgetbuck123 ) with the RHS module. RHS, in their recent update, changed the magazine and weapons of their A-10 aircraft to realize custom loadouts.
  3. It could be possible that RHS changed the class names of their weapons and ammos. Mighty Gau (with the RHS fix) exchanges the weapon and magazines of RHS A-10. If RHS changed the magazine names I also need to adjust the names. Thanks for the notification, I'll investigate the issue in the next days.
  4. I've updated the mod to version 5.1. The download is, as usual, available at all sources listed in the first post. I've decided to remove the slowdown-effect completely as values below 1.0 did not seem to make any difference.
  5. Good news guys. I found the reason. It is indeed a vanilla feature. The vanilla Wipeout and also the Neophron has it, but the vanilla Black Wasp not. So I took a close look at the differences of the configuration and found the new parameter muzzleImpulseFactor for magazines in CfgMagazines. The Wipeout and Neophron has it set to 1 and the Black Wasp to 0. So I changed it also to 0 and suddenly no slowdown anymore. I'm currently experimenting with some values. Maybe we can achieve a very small, more realistic slowdown. If not I will probably remove the slowdown completely. A value of 10 is fun:
  6. When closely looking at the speed it seems that it also slows down in vanilla. It could be possible that the ArmA engine now automatically slows aircraft down based on weapon and ammunition parameters. It may be possible that the current slowdown-implementation of ArmA results in an over-exaggerated result for the true parameters of the GAU-8 weapon and ammunition, which we added in the mod. If that is the case, and I doubt that modder have the possibility to access the slowdown, it will be hard to 'fix' the mod without removing the core of it, a weapon with more realistic parameters. However a compromise could be to drop some parameters like bullet speed and amount, as the core revolves around the improved damage. I'll investigate the issue further, thanks for your input.
  7. We did not implement anything like this. It is probably content of a different mod you are using. I've heard rumors that Firewill added something like this in his last updates, maybe that is why. I've not experienced it in-game but note that the GAU produces force which is about equal to the thrust generated by one of the two engines.
  8. No problem :) Note that the additional files are also inside the core mod download. You need to open the folder where it was downloaded and move the files from additional_support to the folder addons. As this is not that easy for most Steam users we decided to also create those single mod downloads.
  9. Could you specifiy which A-10 of RHS does not work anymore, because it has multiple. We already officially support the A-10 of the USAF mod. We called the addon "MG8_fullerpj" because FullerPJ is the guy that made the mod (also known as SGT Fuller). You can find the pbo inside the "additional_support" folder of the core mod or in the Steam Workshop for single download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949702837
  10. How recent is this? Did this possibly come after I released version 5.0 at 16th of June? Nevertheless thanks for the heads-up, will be patched with the next update. If it is urgent for you then you may patch it by yourself, it's quite easy (see the source at GitHub).
  11. Yeah, I have no clue if that submunition stuff is a vanilla feature. Maybe it comes from RHS, I do not know.
  12. Awesome! Would be nice if someone finally finishes this project :D And it already was so close to the finish line!
  13. Looks nice. Maybe it is this line: class Gatling_30mm_HE_Plane_CAS_01_F :BulletBase; I think you can drop the ":BulletBase", the import two lines before should be enough. I think if you tell ArmA to extend a class than it also expects a body which is introduced by {. Thus the error message. If it is not the problem you should try to remove some code to identify the exact source.
  14. Ideas are always welcome, thank you! I am considering testing with AP/HE mixes like RHS has for the next version. But it is likely that it will take a bit until I start improving the mod again. Because of that I again invite you all to play with the mod by yourself. And if you found a nice setting or have cool modifications, just let me know or directly create a pull request at GitHub. It is very likely that I will accept your changes and you can get co-author. It is all open-source: MightyGau-8Avenger at GitHub