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  1. I figured it out already. I slowly remember the layout of the forum and other bohemia stuff. Anyway, Thank you.
  2. No clue how to import it.
  3. Trying to model it out.
  4. It's not. Not even close.
  5. Quite little but still enough for USSF and Polish Air Forces and Border Guards. Name of that little bastard is M-28 Bryza for naval Opeartios / Skytruck for Airborne Operations. When paratroopers jump off that plane everything is shaking more than when aircraft is rolling on runway xD.
  6. Hey guys, I want to just ask if someone is able to guide me a little how to bring that little bastard in game. Best regards.
  7. Punky1

    US Military Mod

    I just leave it here. im just dreaming of NBC gear
  8. Punky1

    Arma 3 : Underground

    So how far is progress :) ?
  9. Punky1

    US Military Mod

    I can't wait longer. Bring it ;D
  10. If you want i have arleady done model of SDS Patrol Pack Molle I But i cant ( Don't have time) texture it.
  11. Punky1

    US Military Mod

    Try this "hands_odflight_co.paa" against kneepads.
  12. Punky1

    US Military Mod

    @Deltahawk i just make some model's that i think you will like, talking about it on firsts pages of this topic. Just check PM.
  13. Punky1

    Little mistake.

    Thanks for reply. Thread to delete.
  14. Hi. I just started to modeling for Arma 3. I watched about 5 hours of tutorials, and read a lot about moddeling and texturing. Because its my first model i decided to make SDS' Molle | Patrol Pack from 2001. And i have small problem now, because elements from UV map are not in edit layer. http://imgur.com/a/qf311 This is my first post, about modelling. Greetings.