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  1. hey guys, i have created a gamemode for dedicated servers, but right now its not possible to continue it after the server shut down. Before we tested on a dedicated server, the mission was meant to be hosted directly from arma, so we could hit "save & exit" but that obviously didnt work. Here comes my question: what stuff needs to be stored in my database and what gets saved by arma? There are quite some scripts with many variables that need to be saved, as well as the position of vehicles on the map and their condition. Hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks very much guys, it works now!
  3. The plane is AI controlled About that action stuff: i made a script for a Useraction, and wanted to recycle it. The plane loads a cargobox (Action A), and when it passes the waypoint it should drop it (--> Action B). If I used execVM for this task i still would have the same problem, of "_plane" being undefined Gonna try that again some other day. Thanks for trying to help, maybe i'm just a bit too dumb at the moment :D
  4. tested it, same result. i also tested somethin similar; _wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true", str(_plane) + " action ['User',_plane,0]"]; but it says, that it misses a semicolon :C
  5. it works with a hint, just tested it. I also already tried your version. The problem there is, _plane is not defined in this string, and i dont know how to change that.
  6. i want a plane to perform an action, when it reaches a checkpoint, but it wont. When it reaches the Waypoint, nothing happens, it just flies on to the next waypoint. Here is the line that keeps on breaking the script; _wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true", str(_plane action ["User",_plane,0])]; everything else in the script works fine. Only thing i am not sure about is, whether i have to take a "0" or a "1" in the end, because before the part above, there is an action added to the plane and removed again. What is wrong with performing the action?
  7. if you dont care for the looks, you could use the VR suits, i think they have unlimited inventory space.
  8. Woah, that's probably going to be a truckload of work. Looking forward to see the results :)
  9. feldruebe

    Trigger doesn`t work correctly??

    Did you try to to simply run your code in the deactivation part of the trigger?
  10. feldruebe

    Eventhandler not firing

    Ok thanks, it works! But how? I guess _plane = _this select 0; redefines _plane in the eventhandler as the object the EH is attached to. But what is _thisEventHandler? The ID of this specific EH? And what is the line if (_plane not local) exitWith{}; doing?
  11. feldruebe

    Eventhandler not firing

    The EH seems to work, the hint got printed
  12. feldruebe

    Eventhandler not firing

    Ok I tried it like this same results :\
  13. there is nothing on the wiki as far as I can see. i guess you can only add the parts of the weapon and the weapon itself to the container, but you probably cant throw them in there combined.
  14. feldruebe

    Eventhandler not firing

    yep, i defined it in the ini.sqf. If it wasnt defined there would be an error message, but the script works, except for the eventhandler.