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Mondkalb's "How to create an Addon from scratch"

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I agree with Daffe.. you shouldn't have to read the whole tutorial if you name your steps by one, two, three...

I read and make. I start from first step and move to second... and then there comes this "wand01" texture... WTF is that I thought... four hours I spent searching, guessing and thinking what it could be... I even tried to use my browser's search tool to find if there's somewhere else mentioned TUT_Wand1_CO.paa but no... you mention it only once... I now know that WAND is germany and it means WALL, but if you read your own tutorial.. you can see that you have first used word WALL and then it changes to WAND...

Please, fix this, I'm sure that many other 1st time @ Oxygen 2 will be frustrated with that wand texture which comes from nowhere... We read from up to down, no down to up.


First and foremost, thank you Mondkalb for putting this tutorial up! it's really great having a resource like this!


+1 for this lol, I've done the tutorial like 3 times and figured it was some kind of typo...

Problem I ran into over and over again though, is when you open UV editor for the first time the default file type is NOT .paa it's .tga, so many (like me) I'd imagine will load that instead of the converted .paa since it does not appear.

I'm re-doing it now with the .paa and hopefully should clear up the problems I was having. Once familiar with everything if welcome I'd be happy to edit the tutorial so it's worded a little more clearly and maybe even provide some video links if it's something that's wanted.

*edit 2*

Read through the whole thread and like I had imagined this guys says to load the .tga in the UV editor which I believe[\b] is wrong, I haven't made it all the way through the UVmap section, I can't get it to unwrap things properly yet...

Firstly many thanks to @Mondkalb for all the effort that has gone into this tutorial.

There are a few points however that I would like to make to help new 3D modelers like myself from getting very frustrated...

Firstly be patient and be prepared to spend some time getting used to O2...it is a challenge at times...

Secondly in Step Four: Creating the UV-Map..

The tute reads..."Now load a texture to the UV-Editor. To do so, click on „Filter“ -> „Browse new texture...“. Select your „TUT_Wand1_CO.paa“.

There is no „TUT_Wand1_CO.paa“ this is incorrectly written - it should be „TUT_Wall_CO.TGA“ . What I did notice was once you have loaded the "TUT_Wall_CO.TGA" into O2 as written, it does convert to the .PAA extension as written however in UV Editor when you browse for the Filter there is no „TUT_Wand1_CO.paa“ and there is no explanation on how to save the TGA as a .paa.

I used the original „TUT_Wall_CO.TGA“ and eventually got the EMF exported.

The screenshots are in German which are reasonably easy to guess what it is all about as long as you are using Photoshop. I have tried this using GIMP 2 and it is very difficult to work with the examples given in German photoshop screens...especially when one does not understand what is being done - perhaps a brief outline of the principles...so it is not so product dependent.

I have not read any comments from anyone yet who has finished this from start to finish but perhaps some of the more experienced modelers can assist in editing this article to help us beginners...

Once again I would like to express my thanks to @Mondkalb for sharing this extremely important and valuable article.


So when one encounters the above, they should note:

1. O2 auto converts and saves a .paa copy of your .tga to the SAME Folder the .tga is in.

2. When you open UV Editor and click "Filter->Browse New Texture" (or Ctrl F2) you have to change the "File of type:" in the drop down box from TGA to Pac&Paa

3. Load the .paa texture in UV Editor

4. Continue with tutorial as normal? (haven't gotten that far yet, on my 5th attempt now)


Would love if someone could confirm or advise if kju was correct in his post on the 1st page? Should all your mod folders be contained within a parent "mod tag" folder? I'm going to do it that way for sake of not cluttering the Arma Work folder.

Thanks to all who have participated in the thread and offered advice to the new guys wanting to learn!!!


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Created the building and I'm trying to put on my map. In Visitor3 (bulldozer) is in the right position but when I run the game the building is inverted (the face is South to North).

2 problems:

1) the building is inverted in the game (The side with 2 doors should look for N, as in bulldozer) but the game is looking south.

2) The building also moves 1m to the side in the game.

look the picture:


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as many others have already put, smashing tutorial Mondklab. I put of an attempt at addon making for a long time as i thought it would be rather difficult. However I am having a few issues.

step 4 when unwrapping the UV map, you say it should look like this:


however mine comes out a tad peculiar...


I thought id done something stupid earlier on so i redid the whole thing and got a similar unwrapped model. any ideas? I probably have done something very silly but hey, im no addon maker... yet :p

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still no idea what i did wrong but hey ho, however further down there is a link that I presume is missing:

If your EMF file is not in a quadratic shape, you'll have to adjust the position of your Objects in the UV-Editor by the amount of texture-segements that the misaligment of the .emf suggests. Also, make sure tick checkboxes in UV Editor EMF export dialog to either keep ratio or directly specify file dimensions.


Fitting the UV-Map.

And also, is there meant to be a link here?

Now click in the menu-bar of the UV-Editor on „UV Editor“ -> „Export...“. In the following menu you adjust everything like the following picture

thanks again!

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Does any of this apply to Arma 3 or is that a whole new ballgame?

Yes it's completely relevant.

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