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  1. So for example. _null = [] execvm "car_horns\sedan_horns_init2.sqf"; could not look like ? _null = [] execvm "car_horns\sedan_horns_init2.sqf";
  2. Ya that sounds really easy to get lost along the way when building a mission. I infact had to reread your post lol.
  3. Interesting setup. How exactly does the unhide bit work. Shouldn't it work either way since it is dealing with vanilla objects from Arma 3? Thanks for bringing that to light.
  4. Ya I am definitely still expecting that. Would like to see what I can get away with though. Thank gents.
  5. Ah. You are a god! so much time sifting through search results and finding nothing. thanks again.
  6. Oh sweet. Thanks for the update. Will indeed test this out.
  7. Hello everyone. So I was wondering if there was a tool or addon that had all objects in Arma 3 compiled for use in the editor. Things like all buildings in the game(even the ones not accessible in the editor), vehicles, weapons, objects, and units. I remember someone made one back in the early days of the alpha but of course, those no longer work as names and items have changed. I all I did was load it up as if it were a addon and then placed them down in the map. This made placing buildings a BREEZE compared to using attachTo commands or other id binders. Anyone know of this? Thanks
  8. So as it stands right now, removing buildings, objects...all vanilla things on Altis is not possible?
  9. Does any of this apply to Arma 3 or is that a whole new ballgame?
  10. My god... You just bought Minecraft to Arma... All Hail NerdMod!
  11. bloodxgusher

    Looking to hire a mission maker

    Ah lol Money...Brings the world together. I would def make a sick mission for you but time and knowledge I dont have.
  12. bloodxgusher

    ArmA3 Object Library

    Does anyone know if there is a addon that has give access to all the stuff thats not in the editor like structures and other objects?
  13. Lol you have really given this some thought. The logic is sound with me.
  14. bloodxgusher

    TeeTimes Warfare

    So is that your version with the new menu layout? Im tempted to use that but I have been working on the original versions for a while using VAS and BTC revive with a tweaked perma base for both factions. Since the beta, when I load the mission, I get multiple errors and AI does not work. I will try and host to see if I get the same.
  15. ya lol. I would love some help this as well and how it works.