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  1. VovoNauta

    Roads as object in TB

    You can tell me how to do? tks
  2. I'm using pboproject for my maps, but the textures of my objects appear only if the drive "P" is active. I get error textures not found in "p: \ prc \ myMap \ ...when run my map other computer out drive "p". I never had this problem in ArmA2 Some help.? Tks
  3. Is possible to use roads as objects in visitor4? I tried but does not appear in bulldozer ... In some situations would not want to use shapes. tks.
  4. when use the script, i dont see texture of roads in BD, only roads white. Any suggestion? tks Resolved. Some spaces "unwanted" in the way. lol
  5. VovoNauta


    tks!! I used pboProject (mikero) and is working.
  6. VovoNauta

    Arma 3 Bulldozer (O2)

    In ArmA2 not need to connect my steam account to start bulldozer. Now (arma3) need connecting to steam account for dozer work?
  7. VovoNauta


    I used movefolder (by mikeros) for ArmA2 roads(samples). Move folder worked right. When I put part of the road (as object) can see on bulldozer but not in the game. Some help? tks .
  8. VovoNauta

    some help with Movefolder and A2 Buildings

    excuse my ignorance but what is MLODs pack? Where to find them?
  9. Ola I have a model for ArmA2 and would like to use it in arma3. I read some post that goes up but still could use. Could someone help me in order to iniciantre (noob)? oh oh...found this post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180945-Reusing-my-old-Arma2-obejcts-on-my-new-Arma3-map tks.
  10. This is my motorcycle. I keep until today.!
  11. my first vehicle (motorcycle HONDA CB400 YEAR 1983) and part my first map (Island Fernando de Noronha - Brasil)
  12. Convert wrp to pew (mikeros tools) open with Visitor and use scripts (ObjectCounters.vis), select all map (wait..wait...wait...patiente..lol) and save OR Depew Kikero.
  13. VovoNauta

    Visitor 4 (picture) When?

    and..? When?