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[SP] Evil's Last Will

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Download Evil's Last Will

for Arma 3








Read the review at OFPEC here (8/10).

Evil's Last Will

Version: 1.5
Author: Undeceived
Gametype: SP
Required Game / Patch: Armed Assault 1.14 or higher and required addons (see below)
Role of the player: Markus Berger, a soldier of the SKK (a special group of the German army).

Description: Eliminate a target person and witness how murder and hatred only stoke more fear and death in this land - when evil fulfills its last will...




F E A T U R E S :
- Full voice acting (German)
- English and German subtitles
- Weapon switching (you can carry two main weapons) and a lot of other external scripts
- Cutscenes
- Custom music
- Long length
- Enthralling story
- Addons to accentuate the story


R E Q U I R E M E N T S :
-> "BW Flecktarn & Tropentarn" by Bionic (Version: 1.04)

-> "Chechenya War Mod" by Chechnya War Mod Team (Version: 1.0)
Important note: The addon CWM_UI.pbo caused an ArmA crash for me, so if it happens to you, just remove it from the addons folder. It is not needed by the mission anyway.

-> "Russian Federation Units" by Skaven, Shadow NX and Cameron McDonald (Version: 2.00)

-> "Freedom Fighters" by agamoth (Version: 1.0 beta)

-> Editor Upgrade (contained in the mission package)


D O W N L O A D :
DOWNLOAD - "Evil's Last Will (v.1.5)" // Mirror at OFPEC
(34,7 MB)

B E T A T E S T E R S :
Cheetah, Wolfrug, Zipper5, bert, mathias_eichinger, johnnyboy, Tyger, Sponbo, NightJay0044, savedbygrace, schuler.
Thank you very much, guys!

D E T A I L S :








To Markus Berger, Sergeant First Class, Marksman, Spezielle-Kräfte-Kompanie (SKK):

You know that Sahrani, an island located in the pacific ocean, has been at war for one month and a half by now. The renegade Russian Major General Anatolj Mislajew already controles wide pieces of North-Sahrani.

Your task is to eliminate Colonel Valesh Wissarijan.
Colonel Wissarijan is accused to be responsible for numerous practices against the civil population, which reach from exploitation to murder.
He is also an important strategist of Major General A. Mislajew.

The overall situation is critical, Gentlemen. The civil population is getting exploited and is treated badly by the enemy forces.


A little video / slideshow about the mission.


Click <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="http://www.unterderbruecke.net/zeug/arma/Evil"href="http://www.unterderbruecke.net/zeug/arma/Evil" slastwill_trailer.7z"="">here to download the trailer (high resolution - 26,7 MB).


for the Youtube-Version.

- This is a complex mission. Sadly I experienced script problems (among others) while playing it with ACE mod... Regarding mods the less the better for the performance and the playability of the mission.
- The SKK is a fictitious special force of the German army. I did not want the player to be a soldier of the KSK, becaues the KSK has a very different combat mode than given in this mission.
- Please give this mission a chance, despite the amount of required addons.
- At the moment, the Freedom Fighters unfortunately still are in beta status. This means that the following details are not working on them:

  • Facial expression
  • Lip movements
  • Blood textures

Unfortunately it seems that the authors of the freedom fighters abandoned the work on them so I don't think there will be a new version... But still I don't want to replace them completely by another addon because they fit perfectly in the story I developed and simply are still the best in their style.
- Make sure you read the Readme!


Version history:
Version 1.0
Some serious bugs were eliminated and it should run from the beginning until the end.

Version 1.01
Objects that required Queens Gambit were removed. Some bugs were fixed.

Version 1.11
Some major and many minor bugs were fixed.

Version 1.2
Many many bugs were removed and some parts were optimized.

Version 1.25
Bedges' cool "shaky cam" script was added and bugs were eliminated. Other parts were optimized.

Version 1.3
More bug fixes, new cutscenes, new custom music, new recorded voices, new objectives and a cheat console by Wolfrug for better beta testing.

Version 1.4
More bug fixes, little optimizations. Coming to an end of the beta testing phase...

Version 1.5
Some bug fixes and optimizations and it seems that the end of the beta phase has been reached.

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Don't be discouraged by the addon downloads - it's definitely worth it even for just this one mission! A classic - download and enjoy.



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You mean the voices?

We recorded them with our mixing desk in our rehearal room, pretty basicly I would say.

Or what did you mean?

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The trailer....fraps or somthing?

Ah, no. I made it with Windows Movie Maker. :D

No Fraps in there, only screenshots.

I wanted to use Fraps but for some reason (I forgot which) I didn't...

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Currently I am planning to convert the mission to Arma 2.

It's great that Arma 2 brings by itself a lot (almost all) of the addons that are required for the mission in ArmA.
I'm only not sure how to make available Sahrani without having to download the 2 GB of CAA1...

Edited by Undeceived

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Arma 2 not, but Arma 3 - six years later. :D


The mission is 99 % done, need some more testing and the CUP Russians.




​Which are there - now the mission is, let's say, 99,5 % finished. :D But as always the last details (including beta testing) take a lot of time. :)

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It was pretty hard... At first it didn't want to open the mission at all in the editor, I had to replace about hundred objects with road cones so that it at least loaded it.

It took me months to convert it, but ok, 1) It's a huge and complex mission and 2) CUP also took months to have released all addons that I needed.

I'm converting some Arma 2 stuff at the moment and it's easier, even though I think I can say - the more mods and non official addons you used, the harder it is. MUCH of messing around with the mission.sqm file ... :D

Good luck!

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