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  1. Wildstyle

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    but the video......
  2. Wildstyle

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    The trailer....fraps or somthing?
  3. Wildstyle

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    what did you use to record
  4. Wildstyle

    [SP] Evil's Last Will

    im going to guess that evils last wish is
  5. Wildstyle

    The Hurt Locker

    they just showed though that at least one of them is going to survive till day 1:butbut:
  6. Wildstyle

    Nuke Damage

    i used a script i found somewhere and set it to a 1000 meter radius.... i played multiplayer and the nuke set off after an hour like it was supposed to everything and i mean everything exploded we went in red lock but this didn't matter cause we were dead and were respawning after 10 second countdown respawn everything was fine and pita was a pile of ruble on the map..... only thing i need to do now is try and make it also end the mission after a couple of minutes (1 or 2) but this is impossible i think without a script and i want the people to look at the nuke and town before the mission ends
  7. Wildstyle

    no sound when mission starts

    hey guys i solved the problem for those that ever have this problem: any triggers objects or anything with 0 fadesound 0 will make the game go completely silent...i didn't know and didn't see it so i left it.... also update your sound drives check your sound isn't muted and make sure all plugs and programs that came with your speakers work
  8. alright i've updated all my sound drivers and everything and i still have no sound when i start my mission...no gun shots no music no nothing only the werid blip noise when i open the esc menu up and all sounds work before i start the mission all sound work on every other mission even after i start the map that sound don't work in and i go to a different map in the editor please help i don't know whats wrong
  9. this didn't work and gave an error message
  10. Wildstyle

    Nuke Damage

    is there a way i could find or make a sccript to destroy all the buildings in pita?
  11. Wildstyle

    How Much Realism are you Content With?

    you get shot get taken back to base with a medic.... spend the rest of your game times everytime you start playing in a hospital recovering.....you do this for 12 months go on the battle field have to reload by clicking all the parts in order.. you get the rest......bad game thats what too much realism is
  12. Wildstyle

    Fully destructible environments

    no one has taken into account that the game just came out and all you guysdo is complain...be happy you got the game i mean how much more do you want its about 10 cod4 maps put together destructible environments over 60+ multiplayer addons mods and skins and most people can barely run the game and you want fully destructible land scapes!!! what happens when theres no were to play cause noobs just shoot up the land and buildings??? what happens when you can't take off on an airfield cause is broken and ploughed through and has holes in it from jet crashs ect??? what happens when a noob comes along and blows everything up with his tank and leaves???? one broken island full of burning buildings and holes....happy birthday you just ruined arma2!
  13. Wildstyle

    So few PvP serves?

    -C5- has tons of PVP maps actualy thats all we play and we have some coop and rescue the prisoner and berzerk we also have arma 2 pvp http://www.c5gaming.com/news.php
  14. Wildstyle

    COOP 4 Assasination: Pita

    i don't know if it's just me but i've got a werid bug and i can't hear my gun shots in this mission when its open in the editor.....how do i fix this
  15. Hi i'm finishing off a mission http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6210 And i've decided to raise the stakes abit..... after you kill the officer you got all the time in the world and respawns too to get to the hanger and get back to base but what if you only had an hour to do so? You try alot harder and fight harder wouldn't you? I have Gaias nuke script and im trying to find a script that will destroy EVERYTHING on the map in a certain radius when this nuke goes off.... currently the only thing that happens is a visual effect if i do add the nuke.... is there a script out there that i could use to do this?