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  1. Hello all and sundry! Normally I would post this first on www.ofpec.com for beta-testing, but due to the site currently being off-line due to some unfortunate fudge-ups, I'm posting it directly here. Overview: As a member of the secretive PMC ION, Inc., rescue a FIA commander from CSAT-occupied Zaros. Use your wide authority as a ION,Inc. Team Leader to hand-pick your group, buy additional assets from the local forces, and complete side missions to gain additional funds. The balance of the war is in your hands. Some screen shots on the Steam Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=182296752 And some notes: This is a mission, sort-of-kind-of in the middle of an imaginary campaign that does not yet exist. In that campaign you would play as an ION, Inc. mercenary, doing jobs for all four factions (CSAT, NATO, FIA, AAF) in the conflict on Altis and Stratis; the deal would be to try to balance the war in order to get the maximum amount of money out of the missions; e.g. if CSAT is currently losing, they will pay more for ION's services, but if you beat them back too much the war will end too soon. Your actions in the missions would modify not only the war as a whole but also individual missions in various ways, and perhaps in the very end changing the course of the war. E.g. in this mission, you can take out a CSAT AA-team, which will benefit NATO, but you can also find and sell documents on a local spec-ops team to the CSAT, which will hurt NATO - in the next mission, you might be tasked with helping extract the NATO spec-ops team, which will be easier with the AA team gone, but harder if the CSAT know your location! That's the idea anyway. Let me know if you enjoy this mission as a stand-alone, and we'll see about that campaign in due course! Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=182296752 -Wolfrug
  2. Just a quick note to let everyone know Leaseweb has "accidentally" deleted the OFPEC virtual server, and apparently they have no backups to offer us. It looks like we'll be offline for a while. We'll keep you posted. Regards, Wolfrug
  3. Just a quick note to let everyone know Leaseweb has "accidentally" deleted the OFPEC virtual server, and apparently they have no backups to offer us. It looks like we'll be offline for a while. We'll keep you posted. Regards, Wolfrug
  4. @tortuosit That's just the way it is, I don't really see the problem. If you want to restart, select restart. If you want to quit, just quit! The savegames are tiny, so really it shouldn't be a problem. @sproyd What I've done is I've modified the "regular" difficulty to have all the same settings as Veteran (no map markers, AI skill etc) - that way you can still have unlimited saves without 'easy mode'! Takes a little while, but it's worth it IMHO. As to your other thing, well, it just does what it says it does - saves and exits. Once you resume, it's not going to retain the old save from your exit, is it? :)
  5. Wolfrug

    ofpec tag

    Yeah, we seem to be having some hosting problems...or rather problems with our host :-/ Hopefully solvable soon!
  6. Wolfrug

    KEYS: No action menu

    This is honestly the way interacting with the world should work in the game, no joke. The 'picking things up' thing is beautiful and I'd -love- for you to release those scripts, but the real biggie here is replacing the action menu more or less entirely with these types of in-game actions. You -should- be able to just look at a vehicle and see a "get in pilot's seat" option, and then just click a single button! The way you've visualized it here is really wonderful. Furthermore, you're proving it's -possible- to do this within the limits of the engine itself! I'd say that gives some hope at least that BIS would be willing to consider implementing it at an engine level. But if not, well, a self-initializing addon would probably be more than enough. :) As to replacing actions like reloading a different kind of ammunitio/grenade type, it would probably be easiest to do that either through the inventory screen (which you can do already) or maybe through a Crysis-like weapon-customization screen. Fantastic work, really.
  7. @Prophet It's possible to do this manually by assigning a certain language to each group in the editor, but you're right that having a faction-based automated approach would be good. I remember trying to make something like this work previously, but failing, and I'm not entirely sure why. DSAI was originally coded for ArmA, which did not yet have 'factions' (only sides, as in original OFP). Regards, Wolfrug
  8. STRONG ENEMIES APPEAR!!: http://www.mangareader.net/upotte/10/15 (well, not Russian exchange students anyway. BUT STRONG ENEMIES). Who thought it'd be a good idea to link to this crap? Aaaah!
  9. Yes, provided they uploaded the version I had put up on GameFront (which I believe they did). And thanks! Regards, Wolfrug
  10. Please check the front page for an exciting new update to RUG DSAI for all your online users (okay, so, someone signed it for me and you can now use it with VerifySignature. Horaay!) Regards, Wolfrug
  11. Hello McSpeed! You're lucky I saw this, I usually don't go trawling the forums - then again you might miss the reply as well, but, in case you don't and for future reference: it should be perfectly possible to make this work with DAC! There is, if I remember correctly, some point in the setup of DAC forces that you can determine stuff to put in their "init" fields (like, say, "this addweapon 'Binoculars'" or something if you want everyone to spawn with binos). All you need to do is to place the appropriate script command there and voilà , it works with them. Since DAC remembers the weapons and equipment of each soldier as it stores them in limbo, it shouldn't be a problem with the "spawning/despawning" thing either. This is the pertinent part of the readme that tells you the script commands: So basically add '[this] spawn RUG_HD_RegToHD' in whatever init sequence DAC units have, and hey presto. Of course, you could ALSO just add a "RUG_HD_" in front of every class name of unit you want spawned if you're just using default units (e.g. "RUG_HD_BAF_Soldier_N_MTP") which would then spawn a HD version of said unit instead of the regular one. Not applicable for addon units, of course, nor for vehicles (sadly!). Hope that helps! Regards, Wolfrug
  12. Hey Kendo! Oh dear, broken links and an inability to register? Nasty. You should have gotten in touch with one of the staff :) Anyway, PM me here and we can work it out. You still have an account on OFPEC, if you've forgotten the password we can reset it for you and hopefully solve it that way! As to your lost stuff, well, yeah...sadly so much was lost in the various big crashes, we were actually hoping you the creators would still have them on your HDs! Anyway, hopefully we can solve it all somehow. PM me! Regards, Wolfrug
  13. Wolfrug

    Mass Effect 3

  14. This is a problem I myself have also struggled with, and there's hardly a single easy answer. Switching around different methods is not the best way (e.g. invulnerable in one mission, game over in another) since that just makes the player frustrated with having to guess whether they're supposed to be protecting their friends or not. I often had this problem in Skyrim for instance - sometimes you escorted someone who was invulnerable, and sometimes someone who wasn't, and there was just no way of telling. On the other hand, if the player is in a mission where they can't control their friends (e.g. they're not the team leader) then having a "game over" type thing appearing will just be incredibly frustrating all the time, since the AI commanders are notoriously suicidal/careless with the lives of their underlings - it will feel like the player can't really stop game over from happening, no matter what they do. A solution that might work in this context and which, more importantly, could stay the same throughout, would be to introduce a new intermediate form between 'living' and 'dead'. This of course depends on how many essential NPCs you're going to have (if everyone in your group is essential, it would quickly become kinda dumb, but with one or two it might work). Basically, it would work like this: Friend is hurt, knocked down, crying for help (standard BIS first aid stuff) -> You find and heal friend, he's up and fighting again, no harm no foul. Friend is knocked down, but you don't help him in time/he gets shot even more -> Friend is now incapacitated (not dead!) and no longer any good in a fight. Depending on how you could script it and on the demands of the mission, there could be various dynamic objectives here: get friend to medevac. Get friend with you to the end of the mission. Leave friend behind for "other friendly medics" to take care of. Etc. The good thing with this system is that you won't have an invulnerable teammember with you, nor a glass cannon that will fuck the mission up through no fault of your own all the time by dying (e.g. Harvest Red). This way, you can still bring your friends and make them useful, but if you screw up or get unlucky, you'll have a liability on your hands (just like in real life!). The further good thing is that you could script this liability based on your needs. Say it's one of those big battle missions that you're supposed to win in order to continue the story, and your pal gets shot down - in this case, just leaving him there is fine, since there'll be medics along to pick up the casualties. What if it's the opposite, and you're retreating? Well, then you might have to pick him up/get him evacuated some other way to be able to finish the mission (Leave No Man Behind!). The bad thing with this system is that it'd be a bitch to script, and you'd have to be very careful with giving briefings to make sure that it's clear what happens to casualties (i.e. teaching the player how it works). Good luck! Wolfrug out.