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Nature addon -released-

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Nature addon released


For any comment and feedback, please use this thread levitation.gif

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Hi there Aeon,

Now here is an addon OFP needed! The sounds are high quality and for me they just add that little extra realism to OFP. Especially the sea, meadow and hill sounds are great! Only the rain sounds a bit like if you were in a bathroom but nevertheless I would recommend this pack to everyone!

Excellent work mate!

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Very nice work Aeon, except my pet hate, the short thunder roll is as-is sad_o.gif

A nice long ground shaking thunder roll would be nice ....

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Thankyou Aeon for having the presence of mind to come up with something so refreshing and really quite needed.

After far too many hikes up Pen-Y-Fan I know the sound of wind passing my ears, you have captured it beautifully. Well done mate.

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Good work !

But is it possible to incorporate those sounds with Highres islands.

IMO its a shame to use such good sounds with the low resolution trees and bush from the defaults BIS islands.

I tried to unpbo the nature pack,

deleted the nat_islands and replaced them with the islands i wanted (cain, abel,eden)

Modified the "config.cpp" by deleting all the references to 'nat_'

then i created a new "nature.pbo" which i placed in my addon folder,

but OFP wouldn't launch and gave me the message :"nature\config.cpp/cfg.worlds.eden:member alredy defined"

I will make some more tries to put those those highres sounds with my highres islands, any help would be greatly appreciated. help.gif

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hey, gotta start off by saying what an awesome idea this is!

here are the contents of the .pbo for anyone who was interested in what is replaced:

Quote[/b] ]config.cpp













an explanation of what the different sounds are, based on some quick testing:

- ForestDay/Night is the sound for anywhere on an island that is not near the beach and is below a certain altitude.

- HillDay/Night is the sound for anywhere on an island above a certain altitude.

- i can't quite figure out what triggers MeadowDay/Night, but it seems to be determined by the number of trees/bushes around or something; you can hear it if you go into the northernmost part of Malden (the desert area).

- Rain.ogg is obviously the sound played when it's raining.

- SeaDay/Night is the sound that plays when you are within ~100 yards of the sea. unfortunately i couldn't test whether it was any water source (ie a lake) that would set this off or not, as none of the 3 original islands have a lake...

my observations:

the wind would be a nice touch if any of the trees and/or bushes in ofp swayed at all...unfortunately now it just sounds weird hearing a windy day and seeing all the trees standing absolutely still...i'd get sound clips from a windless day.

in meadownight.ogg it sounds like someone is taking very slow steps.

rain.ogg has the sound of water landing on pavement, 99% of ofp takes place off of pavement (either in grass or dirt).

the SeaDay/Night sounds should be recorded from further away, to get that faint, constant sound of waves crashing on shore that you hear when you're a couple hundred feet from shore; the default ofp sounds did this pretty well, they're just low quality. having sounds taken from right up next to the waves makes it sound weird when you're still ~100 yards away from shore (which is when the sound starts to play).

oh god, comparing the sounds in this addon just made me notice the horrible bird call that loops every 4 seconds in the default ForestDay sounds, this is going to drive me crazy...make sure your clip doesn't have loud, easily noticeable repetitions like that.

anyway, despite all my criticisms, i think this is a really good idea, and you should definitely continue to work on it!

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