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  1. New update ! Â I am really curious about the AAV P7A1 and the BMP-3 In some circumstances, it is normal that tanks slide down hills. They are heavy machines so the ground beneath may collapse.
  2. InteractiveBohemian

    "Easy to implement" feature list

    - Laser rangefinders and ballistic fire-control computer for attack helicopters, infantry fighting vehicles and tanks It has already been done for VBS2 so it can't be an impossible task to put this into Arma II. It would be disappointing if we had to aim manually with modern weapon systems in Arma II. Â
  3. InteractiveBohemian

    Fluid Stance(Better cover system)

    Welcome to Hell's controls seems better, at least to me  . With his controls, you can adjust your body position and aim/shoot at the same time. Keyboard for the body and mouse for aiming, it seems more "natural" and efficient... With your controls, either you adjust your stance, either you aim and shoot. Therefore you need a good coordination (and it is something hard to have when you get shot at ) and sometimes the mouse inputs needed to adjust your stance could be opposite to the mouse inputs required to aim at your target (could be confusing! ! I also think it would add too much mouse moves into the game. I doubt the fluid stance will make it into Arma II, maybe a mod could add it later, or an expansion for AA2 by BIS.
  4. InteractiveBohemian

    Largely Mod-able AI

    Voted Yes. I don't think BIS, or any company, will have the time and dedication to give a truly competitive, human-like AI. This is a job for the community Â
  5. InteractiveBohemian

    Fluid Stance(Better cover system)

    Agreed, good suggestion. And I like your idea for the controls. It would be perfect for urban firefights. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be implemented into ARMA 2 (I would like BIS to prove me wrong though ) +1, this should be improved too
  6. InteractiveBohemian

    Modern Combat - SLX Mod version 1.1

    Hi all! Can anybody tell me if the javelin works correctly in version 1.1 ? Or, better, can anybody tell me how to use the javelin ? Even when I lock the target (T-90, for example), the missile will consistently miss the target and hit the dirt on the target's left (direct attack or top attack makes no difference). Same thing with the friendly AI, their missile always miss their target. Right now, I am still playing v1.02 but I will upgrade when I have some time. Aside from this small problem, I think it's a great mod, thanks Big-Rooney.
  7. InteractiveBohemian

    FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    Thanks Thunderbird, nice work
  8. InteractiveBohemian

    [VIDEO] 42min Fench and US SF fighting in A'stan

    Thanks I couldn't see it on TV
  9. InteractiveBohemian

    European Politics Thread.

    mmm... no... 'we' don't want independence... as always, the minority claims to be speaking for the majority. Regionalism and communautarism are a stupid trend...
  10. InteractiveBohemian

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Wow ! Just wow ! Thanks very much TB !
  11. InteractiveBohemian

    FFUR 2006 2.5 ... Full Pack

    Thank you Thunderbird. This is awesome.
  12. InteractiveBohemian

    SLX Replacement Pack, Mod, and Addons

    I wholeheartedly agree with Kyle, great post. And great mod Solus too, impressive work .
  13. InteractiveBohemian

    Nature addon -released-

    Good work ! But is it possible to incorporate those sounds with Highres islands. IMO its a shame to use such good sounds with the low resolution trees and bush from the defaults BIS islands. I tried to unpbo the nature pack, deleted the nat_islands and replaced them with the islands i wanted (cain, abel,eden) Modified the "config.cpp" by deleting all the references to 'nat_' then i created a new "nature.pbo" which i placed in my addon folder, but OFP wouldn't launch and gave me the message :"nature\config.cpp/cfg.worlds.eden:member alredy defined" I will make some more tries to put those those highres sounds with my highres islands, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. InteractiveBohemian

    AI Movement command system???

    00 : is the heading read on your compass (G key) and 35 : is 350 meter the distance to walk. if i am wrong on the distance, someone will correct me