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  1. .pablo.

    Snatched (SP)

    fun mission; i went up the west coast, set up a sniper on hill 22 looking NE at the heli/town, snuck up to the heli and laid a satchel, then went with my squad to the NNW of the town. the AI sniper was much more effective at taking out enemy infantry than i thought he would be. problems: i set my squad to "stealth" as we exited the boats, causing them to go prone in the water, which resulted in 2 deaths before i could tell them to stand up again (i guess that's more of a game bug) thought it was strange how there were no infantry patrolling the coasts, as it isn't that big of an island (although it would make an entrance much harder, so i can understand why you didn't do it) i'm experiencing a slowdown every few seconds as i begin to attack the town; it is very consistent (and very annoying) and i've never encountered a problem like it before (even on missions with more units), so i can't help but think it is script-related.
  2. .pablo.

    Latest screenshots available

    the water in those vids was gorgeous, i was pretty impressed
  3. .pablo.

    The Best of Tactical Gaming: Infiltration

    dslyecxi posted a link to an all-in-one download he's hosting for Infiltration; it contains all the files you need to play (aside from UT and the latest patch for it). i'd post the link itself but it was in the hostile intent forums, which are down at the moment. here's the link to the forums: http://www.hostileintent.org/site/forums once in there go to the "Ideas and Suggestions" sub-forum and look for a thread with the same name as this one (or just do a search for the thread). then look for a post by dslyecxi around the second page (its a short thread so it wont be hard). as for the game itself, it does have all the realistic additions, but for some reason it felt more like CS/AA than OFP/HI. i think it may have been that i was playing with hardcore-DM people (who seem to be the only people who play INF anymore). so in short, i soon got tired of the mod.
  4. .pablo.

    Smileys Environments "Afghanistan,Kabul"

    i'd definitely like to have a look at it; i have some experience working with DEMs (have a look here), but i had been under the impression that DEM data for Afghanistan and Iraq was classified until i found your map. unfortunately i'll be leaving for school tomorrow and won't have access to any OFP editing software so I only have today to work on it.
  5. .pablo.

    Interview on friday by Electronic sports

    yes. here are the things i found interesting while listening: - they haven't done the MP tests yet? - what admin commands have been added - 10km viewdistance!!! - join-in-play is placebo's fav addition - the AI can be modded? - animal AI can be modded? - quicker release of documentation/tools - only necessary to modify the config to convert from ofp to arma
  6. .pablo.

    Smileys Environments "Afghanistan,Kabul"

    here's a new config for the addon, it adds accurately-placed map names for 16 locations (towns, mountains, anything i could find) to the map as well as the real latitude/longitude coordinates for the area. placing these names took several hours of research, and each is placed within a few dozen meters of the actual town/peak, if not directly on it, so use 'em!: to install just use unpbo to open up SMY_Afgan-kabul.pbo, replace the config inside with the one above, then use winpbo to create a new pbo. alternatively, you can just d/l the new .pbo from here. i also used the region tool in WRPTool to add ~430,000 randomly placed/sized rocks (10-20 variety) on the island, but it makes the addon jump from 2mb to 60mb; you can grab it here. something that greatly disappointed me, though, was that i discovered that Smiley_Nick resampled the data so that the map isn't realistic, but instead squished horiztonally (on the x and y axis) by about a factor of 4 or more (ie from one end of the map to the other is 51.2km, when it should in fact be more than 200km), as well as squished vertically (z axis) by an unknown amount, probably the same as the horiztonal change (so the mountains you see in-game are only around 25% of their real-life size). i can understand why Smiley_Nick did this, but i personally don't see the point in using real-world data if you're going to alter it so greatly, so i hope someone can figure out how to get this map to work with the proper dimensions (via altering the terraingrid, a la midship's typedemo island).
  7. .pablo.

    Smileys Environments "Afghanistan,Kabul"

    just stumbled across this thread... 1024 would indeed be 51.2 kilometers if the map used the default terrain sample rate of 50m, but it sounds like he was able to change it to 100m. in that case, this map would be 102.4 kilometers on each side. is this the case smiley_nick, and if so, can you tell me how you were able to increase the sample rate? also, can you tell us how much you paid for the DEM data?
  8. .pablo.

    Best looking game

  9. yeah i was thinking the same thing, but i reached the same conclusion as you regarding its relevance in this particular case. Â i'm sure it'll help out though when the answer is announced and all of us that are wrong are criticizing the australian guy's "mistake". Â
  10. great find bionic, it looks like the screenshot is even taken from the same mission/scenario, as the convoy is in almost the same location (and heading in the same direction) as in the competition screenshot. if we are to follow a strict interpretation of the rules though, and only target southern sahrani armor (and not the russian-equipped northern sahranis), then our sole target to choose from (the Abrams) is far from the area depicted in the shot you found. Â if placebo were to clarify which armor is northern and which is southern, however, your shot might prove to be more useful.
  11. .pablo.

    Latest screenshots available

    http://www.gamemag.ru/pics/13328-crysis_tech_demo3.jpg Hardly. Crysis looks better than arma does, but IMO arma still looks damn good. I think it is really pointless to argue graphics or compare the two-crysis is super next gen. terrain LOD'ing at work; get this into Game2 BIS! edit: and those new screenshots are amazing
  12. .pablo.

    Latest screenshots available

    the problem is that you are looking at Arma's graphics from the perspective of current generation technology, while teacup is looking at the graphics from the perspective of the next-generation technology that will be found in the flashiest games when Arma is released (such as crysis). Â such games have very resource-demanding lighting/shadowing effects (just watch a crysis video to understand what i'm talking about); so from that perspective, no, Arma does not look very realistic. i personally think its ludicrous to look at Arma's graphics from that perspective, given the huge difference in nature between the two types of games (i'd like to see crysis extend those fancy lighting effects out 2km), but that is just the kind of thinking you are going to be getting from the mainstream gamer. Â that's why i think BIS should forget the graphics, and improve the engine and gameplay. Â the mod community has done a fantastic job creating pretty graphics, but they can't (for example) set ofp to use terrain LODs so that we can play with higher viewdistances; only BIS can do that. the mod community can't make AI that seek out hard cover and fire from behind it; only BIS can do that. the mod community can't play with the game code so that rivers, streams, and water on multiple elevations is possible; only BIS can do that. so BIS: forget the ever-present graphics-whores and work on what will really make OFP stand out from the pack.
  13. .pablo.

    Infrared searchlights

    im not 100% sure, but i remember reading that IR radiation was not the same thing as heat, but merely a by-product of heat; therefore, preventing it from escaping wouldn't necessarily cause any increase in heat. but again, i'm not sure.
  14. .pablo.

    Optimal Settings...

    20-30 fps is good for ofp , i'd been playing with 5-15 for years... anyway, getting good graphics in the game is a matter of trading distance for detail; there is no terrain lod'ing, so as you increase the viewdistance the number of polygons that have to be drawn for the terrain goes up dramatically, especially if you have your terrain detail set to a higher level; i would recommend setting the terrain detail to "normal" or "low". also, consider messing around with the top bars in the video options menu that determine the distance at which lower lods for units kick in (i forgot what they're called). Â finally, realize that some of the higher quality addons/mods released these days (Laser's units and FFUR, for example) are very high poly and so will tax even the most powerful PCs, especially if used en masse. good luck!