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  1. Thank to our host Jerryhopper ! Since your broadcast is becoming a major part for and by the community, I would suggest you two wishs : - Â Please keep going on ! - Â but don't burnout... Bye friends.
  2. Doe the new "ArmA2 sound engine" support more stereophonic sound file than before, or does it remains the same (just CfgMusic & CfgEnvSounds) to preserve performance ?
  3. Aeon

    ArmA II DirectX 10 or DirectX 10.1?

    John Carmack tell about DX 10 : (source & link interview : www.maximumpc.com)
  4. About clutter transition, ArmA 1 grass just pop-up straigthly without any transition effect around player radius. It would be nicer (and without drop perf I think) to provide a short "fade in" transparency effect on the edge. <span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>PS : Good ideas from Dwarden (noise) and Sosna (bump map) -even if these are most related with ground texture than grass-</span>
  5. Aeon


    -- About "playMusic nameAndpos" command (source: scripting commands-wiki) : A good improvement for this command would be to introduce a third parameter in the array, where "loop" enumerate how many time the music have to repeat : playMusic [name,position,loop] Examples : playMusic ["Track13", 0, 1] Track is played from the beginning and only once. playMusic ["Track13", 10, 5] Part of the track (from 10'' to the end) is played 5 times continuously (without blank between cycle). playMusic ["Track13", 10, -1] Part of the track (from 10'' to the end) is played to infinite. Untill another playMusic command, or fadeMusic 0. So, mission-makers would not have to manage loop and waste ressource (fill/empty buffer) through *.sqf "sleep X;" wich could be unreliable.
  6. Aeon


    - If you have no ammo left - If you cannot run away (to find ammo or to escape) - If you are in mortal danger It would not be a coward to surrender, actually I don't see other efficient way to spare your life. But I don't think this kind of suggestion could be implemented in ArmA2.
  7. well, for what I know I would suggest "Dynamic Range" volumes wich are quite good (or even "EFX-sound effects"). <span style='font-size:6pt;line-height:100%'>but maybe Ondřej Matějka has better stuff (?)</span>
  8. +1 I would rather like a "eastern europe" context. I mean dirt,snow,mud,cold and grey (like tchetcheni or ex-yugoslavia)
  9. Do you really believe a sound-designer waste hours on a simple fireworks bang in order to get a AK47-like sound ? -> Most of those compagnies produces "real-captured-sounds", and so most games also. The point is : - Recording conditions (device, distance sound source/record device, reverb, echo), and post proceeds (peak, distortion) - "Sound engine" of the game. ...And for this last, we already discuss about it
  10. Aeon


    There is no exclusive with immersiveness,realism,and RPG characteristic. But let's try to not blend everything Maybe BIS see "RPG" through... civilians ? A sneak could warn you about recent enemy activity in his neighbourhood, or a danger, or lead you the way to an ambush ( traitor! ) -According to the faction he's belong-
  11. Aeon

    Audio Improvement

    Arma default sounds are just better than the ones in default OFP (44kHz vs 22kHz) ...maybe not better than later OFP third mod release, but well at this point it is just about subjectivity I guess. Also BIS does not have to hire sound designer guys from mod team, since those guys pick up sounds from other games or from commercial sound libraries. Just like BIS or other game devs does and PAY for copyright.
  12. Aeon

    Audio Improvement

    Yes I still persist since Dec. 09 2005,11:28 ---------- I don't know if another of my old suggestion match with this fresh one, but here was what I've also suggested : ---------- Now I wish to add another suggestion about Game II's sound engine : to allow and use native stereophonic sounds. I know this would double Sound CPU consumption, but this will still remain negligible compared to Graphic CPU consumption.
  13. Aeon


    I remember few fonctions : # kbAddDatabase # kbAddDatabaseTargets # kbAddTopic # kbHasTopic # kbRemoveTopic # kbTell I guess they will be implemented in ArmA2 for RPG aspect. So I think basic and game default RPG element would be related to what AI could detect. If a friendly AI is shooting at something, go close to it -> dialog interface : - What's happen here ? - There is a sniper, at twelve o'clock ! Sure this would remind old radio report from our teammates, except we could ask even to AI from another group. Also maybe information could be more accurate : if the sniper have a great AI skill, AI friend could add to its answer "he's a tough one.", or if sniper is wounded "but he's almost done." And so on with : weapon does sniper have, is he fleeing, is hidden, etc... amount of information could result from knowabout value
  14. I just say BIS could not add this feature, or should (this is my feelings) better use granted time to develop others -easiest- features, because of the short dead line ( 2008! ). But this does not mean I "hate" [uKF] John R. suggestion, I'm just realistic.
  15. Aeon

    Realtime speaking with .lip

    As you said a .lip is make from a .wav That's mean the source file must exist before, so I'm afraid this could result with uncool problem such continuing HDD access/write (and more data on the bandwidth)