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Almost made it. PBOproject snag help.

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welp, I almost made it All the way through the tutorial and testing process for terrain builder until I arrived at the binarization step. Wouldn't ya know it pboproject looks completely different and refuses to let me crunch. I know I am missing something small and miniscule. Add on to I am not entirely sure what I am looking at to this point, and that one document I know will have my answer is eluding me. Any and all help will be rewarded with cookies and scar-H's. Thanks.

I feel like its a directory issue. But again I am not sure because the layout of it has changed.

I am also having a problem with roads as well. Everything else in the tutorial has worked or is working. 

Roads are not showing. but my userconfig.sqf file is correct. or at least i hope it is.

// Buldozer Tools by Lappihuan

// [general settings]

// roadpath: is the path to your roads directory in your project.
roadpath = "P:/CRYPT/CRYPT_beginner_Terrain/Data/Roads/";
// saveNotificationIntervall: intervall in minutes to show the save notification
saveNotificationIntervall = 30; //min
// showHelpOnStartup: true or false, set to false if you don't want the help dialog appear after the startup
showHelpOnStartup = true;
// dateArray: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDate
dateArray = [2001, 06, 22, 12, 0];
// tiMode: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCamUseTi
tiMode = 1;

// [key settings]

// https://resources.bisimulations.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes
// [DIK,Keyboard Key]
help = [11,"0"]; // 0 on keyboard
roadReload = [2,"1"]; // 1 on keybord
weatherTimeSet = [3,"2"]; // 2 on keyboard
roadDiag = [4,"3"]; // 3 on keyboard
debug = [5,"4"]; // 4 on keyboard
NVG_IR = [6,"5"]; // 5 on keyboard

the thing is. I am not entirely sure where it would be 'pulling' the roads from or even how you pick the road you want to use.
Does it operate the same as objects?





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