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Clan/Group Shelters & Suggestions

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I recently started playing and greatly enjoy the game and I think it has a lot of potential. I have compiled some of my and friend's suggestions.


It would be great to have a new and perhaps larger shelter that could be shared by a group or clan and could be built and improved by its members. I've already fully upgraded my shelter and feel less purpose to play the game outside of playing with friends. The materials required to improve the group shelter could be immense but it would give a shared purpose for playing with teammates. Group challenges could also be created with the addition of groups/clans. Overall, I think the team shelter and objectives would increase and improve the player base.


Additional Suggestions

-Make pathways out of shelter to various encounter maps

-Highlight shelter upgrade icons a certain color when materials required for building the upgrade are acquired, even if the maximum number of upgrades are currently under construction. This is not the same as the gold icons shown while no upgrades are being built

-Allow certain music records to be removed from the record player in the shelter

-Allow dropping and sharing of loot items between players in the shelter or in-game.

-Allow metal parts to be obtained from deconstructing items

-Allow crates to be purchased with crowns in the store

-Allow decoys to be activated wirelessly






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