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[TGS] The Graveyard Shift, - Casual Community

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Welcome to The Graveyard Shift!



About us:

We are a casual ARMA 3 community made up of some friendly people from around the UK and Europe.

Our group originates from the days of ARMA 2 and have close friendships at our core, but are looking to expand our community.

We are not a mil-sim group, so there are no ranks, forced roles, or entry requirements.


We aim to have a regular session every Tuesday and Saturday but often play throughout the week.



Join us on our discord server:

The Graveyard Shift



ARMA 3 Unit:

Our ARMA 3 unit profile can be found at:



Steam Group:

You can find our steam group here:



Game Server:

We have our own dedicated server, hosted in the UK, running a moderate selection of cherry-picked mods such as ACE, ACRE & RHS, etc.

Search for [TheGraveyardShift] in the server browser.

or direct connect with the IP address;

See discord for full mods lists.

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