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Squad name:- 61st Cavalry Regiment
Timezone/Location : EST
Gamemode preference: coop PVP, Zeus Sandbox
Website address:http://www.61st-regiment.com/
Short description:

The 61st Cavalry Regiment is devoted to recreating how the United States Army operates.  We are laid back outside of operations; However, in operations, you are expected to act with respect.  We have found a great balance of Realism and Relaxed gaming style in our gameplay and offer it to anyone who may be interested.  I have attached the requirements in order to be recruited below for those who are interested.   


A) Must be the age of 16 or older to join. 

B) Have at least 20 hours of Arma Gaming time in steam. 

C) Must Emulate utter professionalism at all times. 

D) Always understand this is a Video game and to have fun at all times. 

E) Obey the orders and directive of those in the Chain of Command. (COC)



If you have any questions, feel free to join our discord and ask your questions in our New Comers chat. The discord and TS link are on our website.

Be sure to watch our Recruitment Video:   



In game pictures:



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