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Fields of Glory: 1861 - 1865: US Civil War Historical Conversion Mod for A3

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I'd like to announce a project that my team has been hard at work with: Fields of Glory: 1861 - 1865. This is a historical conversion mod for Arma 3 that transforms the game into an American Civil War game, with muskets and cannons, line infantry and long-range cannon artillery. It's just three of us now working on this big undertaking, but we're always looking for new talent to help us with 3d modelling, terrain building, uniform designing, programming and scripting, etc. If you are interested in joining the team, please message me. Keep in mind that this mod is in early stages of development. Thank you!


-J. Woody


WIP images of Springfield musket:





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11 hours ago, Reid236 said:

Wrong forum my dude 😄

Moved to the right place I think? o7

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