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  1. @eaglke do you guys have a community discord ?
  2. thats ok you have the stuff in your mod anyway it seems i cant wait to try out all the new stuff it really great im glade some one is doing something on ww1 it really is neglected.
  3. @eaglke i don't know if you saw this but the other ww1 mod stopped and put its stuff up for the community to use https://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-trench-1914-1918 "This is pretty much dead as most of you probably have guessed that already . So, I am just gonna leave some links to all the project files EVER. Like Its all of it all the files all the 3D files all the textures ALL THE SOURCE FILES. For whoever or where ever to use. Reboot it reuse it recycle it whatever you want with it 🙂 It would be cool if you would let us know if you used anything not to ask access just because it's nice to see what is done with it. Mega.nz This one about 3 Gigs We stopped working on this mostly due to the lack of developers on it, was just me and Brent. Also, we lacked a lot of experience on the Arma 3 modding front. Our time was also limited it was almost like a full-time job. We are sorry we could not deliver this and also sorry for this delayed response we had forgotten about this. Or more like WANT to forget this failure."
  4. is the A7V out now??
  5. wow this is great im still new what nation should i try that is the most fleshed out?
  6. any possibility of bringing the M1917 Enfield ? know there was alot of them produced i just haven't seen slot of them around in arma.
  7. ah i guess i was too late XD well that good then.
  8. i hope this helps
  9. have you modded any tanks before i have been looking for a m41 walker bulldog but couldn't find one anywhere. 

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    2. scotg


      I passed up $6300.00 for me to make a m42 Duster, mainly because the price was too low for the time needed to complete something like that. It wasn't enough to draw me away from my previous responsibilities.

    3. outwardpanicjoe


      ah well fair enough tho i wouldnt have put a time needed to be completed these things take time.

    4. outwardpanicjoe


      if you like ww2 thinks i have been working on a few band of brothers missions based on the first episode let me know if you would like to cheak it out.

  10. do you guys post whats going to be in here ? im just curious i saw a few pictures.
  11. o its you roadkill lol
  12. also will it be available though steam or only though armaholics ?
  13. ah well it is looking good is that m81 woodland ?
  14. where can i find this?
  15. Do you guys have the M-151 Mutt jeeps?