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  1. Hello, I'd like to announce a project that my team has been hard at work with: Fields of Glory: 1861 - 1865. This is a historical conversion mod for Arma 3 that transforms the game into an American Civil War game, with muskets and cannons, line infantry and long-range cannon artillery. It's just three of us now working on this big undertaking, but we're always looking for new talent to help us with 3d modelling, terrain building, uniform designing, programming and scripting, etc. If you are interested in joining the team, please message me. Keep in mind that this mod is in early stages of development. Thank you! -J. Woody WIP images of Springfield musket:
  2. In an earlier post for the Arma 2 version of FoW before you switched to A3, I saw you say something about the tanks having interiors.Do they still have interiors in Arma 3? Do you have pictures of say a Sherman or a tiger tank interior? I would love to see that.
  3. Hey, I found a script that that would greatly increase the immersion in 31st, rip. I sent you a PM with the details on it and maybe you can figure out how to implement the script into 31st Normandy.
  4. Hey, Rip, I sent you a pm about assisting with the mod development. Check it out when you have a chance, thanks!
  5. Any news on the mod? I hope it's not dead. If you could share some progress on the mod that would be great :D
  6. Hey, Rip, come onto our teamspeak sometime and we can talk more about helping you out with the mod development :D
  7. Looking forward to this. Keep it up, Rip. The 101st AB realism unit has your back! :) ---------- Post added at 20:43 ---------- Previous post was at 20:41 ---------- By the way, I sent you a private message, it's about helping you with the mod. Thanks!
  8. Is it possible you could release whatever you had done of the Arma 2 Fields of War? Is it playable? Most of your reports say it was 95% done
  9. Hello, Rip. I sent you a private message with the teamspeak ip my friend and I are always on. We're usually on all day, so come feel free to talk to one of us. We'll be willing to help you with the mod. Look for either me (Woody) or Mathues
  10. Looking forward to this mod, I want to make a realism unit on 31st, and on a map this size you could do an entire D-Day campaign and Normandy Breakout campaign on this one map :D
  11. I have a friend who is willing to help. He has knowledge on coding, photo-shopping, and video editing, and can help voice act German units. He would love to assist in making this mod :)
  12. So....what ever happened to Fields of War for Arma II? Did they just drop all their progress entirely because of Arma III?
  13. Is this Fields of War mod still alive? I was really looking forward to having my realism unit go to fields of war. I hope it's not dead, you guys have gone too far into production of this to give up now