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New update, new problems.

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Guess I should start with the biggest gamebreaker I have encountered.


Now that we have to go prone with the high firerate mg's other weapons tend to randomly change from first person aim down sight to the third person aim down sight. This would not be a problem if it would have been predictable. However it happens at random moments. Even when I was in a toe to toe firefight.

This must be fixed right away. Maybe implement a preferred setting in the menu? It should still be able to be swapped on the go.

The "forced prone" for mg's is a great idea buy but the best way to do it isn't actually forcing. Let people feel like they should, make the recoil wildly unpredictable in any stance exept when in prone. Mg's already have a huge disadvantage when fighting in and into small spaces. So it isn't really an improvement to a third person shooter.


The not so pressing other issue is the weight addition. This had to be tweaked. 

Just carrying a mg reduces movement speed and stamina. It should be or speed, or the stamina reduction. If both are changed with weight it changes the game completely.

Right now I stopped looting and just go for kills as the amount of loot also changed. This seems to stress out most of the players I have encountered. Lots of hatefull chats recieved. 

Also it removes the "snatch 'n run ya'll" strategy that made the end-game so much more fun. Don't het me wrong, being forced to fight to keep the crate is a great idea. But this makes it so rediculously easy to kill the carrier right in front of the exit and just walk away with the crate. (It has not happens to me for now, I did this to other players as I am focussed on just killing. Lots more hate recieved.)


Other then these the bushes are fixed. The new map looks great. The addition of the secret stash is fun. 

Great to see the game is still being worked on.

Keep up the great work.

(I can't press enough that the ADS issue has to be fixed ASAP. It is a game-breaker. Enough to make me quit even.)


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Yup, the ADS issue has gotten me killed several times. 


Go to bare down on sights wanting iron sight view and its reverted back to hip fire and I miss my shots, eat some bullets, and rage induces.

Had a stairwell locked down, went to aim for the guy coming up and had iron-sights when I was previously in hip fire. Of course I couldn’t swing sights fast enough and lost that too. It works both ways and is frustrating.


As far as the weight thing, I think it’s one of the greatest additions to a PVP looter game. Now you pretty much HAVE to be the last player on the map to grab the crate, and it stops the dine-n-ditch players from hiding behind the crate a running off. Gotta earn the crate now.

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