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  1. Kuljack


    Trying changing outfits
  2. Kuljack


    I met a knife player out in the open yesterday, who snuck up on me. I was prone, and should have dealt with him while still prone-but he was giving away my location so I got up to deal with him a bit down the mountain and he managed to kill me while I was adjusting locations. Hope for the melee killers out in the open. I knew better than to deal with him the way I did but oh well, maybe I got him 1 kill closer to completing a challenge.
  3. Kuljack

    Plan swap :)

    I had the Fallknaven knife blue print in a purple military crate and the blue rare crate. Purposely obtained it from blue crates, to see what the purple would replace it with and it popped the HBAR plans! I am excited to snag that. Just have to wait for a boost or get this threat kill. I still haven’t seen one in three days.
  4. Kuljack


    I don’t understand what you just said. Just had a match on bridges where I scored 3 headshots on three kills, was on fire and then game across two people who were obviously playing teams. I saw one guy coming at me with a suomi, second comes over hill and I think to pull back a little and see if the caps the first guy as I popped some antibiotics, but he gets beside him and they both fire at me. Then they took turns teabagging me. I don’t mind, I was only after my rifle kills and I got what I needed, but obviously two people who teamed up either intentionally prior to or at joining match.
  5. Kuljack

    Ammo and Crashes

    No, but maybe you’ll find some solace in knowing we all suffer this grievance until it’s fixed. I would just recommend not bringing a weapon into a mission until it’s once you can craft.
  6. Kuljack


    You need solid proof to report people successfully. I can possibly explain or few of these for you. 1. There are people who deliberately join solo queueing for a desired match at the same time with a friend to attempt to join the same math. They communicate over a party chat and are basically a duo playing against solo players. It’s not really cheating nor is it in anyway wrong. It’s a strategy and in my experience is used by players who need the advantage. I’ve seen this many times where two players in solo are clearly working together and I dispatch them with no problem. Cheap flank maneuvers can be countered with choke points, sniper and signal points can be dealt with by rushing the signal player and/or watching for the shinning glint from the sniper and getting the jump on him. It’s also possible people are teaming up during the lobby, I have had a few people in the past see me come in with an RPK or A1 and shoot me party chats wanting to team up. I never accept though, I don’t trust anyone in this game. 2. Seeming to always know where you are comes down to things. First, if a player uses a signal they can see every player. From there you quickly memorize every spot and if you know the maps you can get a vague idea of where people are going. Then you guesstimate where others would be as you deal with each next target, listen for foot steps and keep a wide eye for motion. It’s not bulletproof but if you can expand your mind to retain number of players, and last locations - it’s definitely possible to hunt people down and get a good jump on them. The second thing is, knowing the maps and all the spawn locations. You can generally guess where other players might be based on number of players in the match and what map you’re on. For example, my bud and I like Draug for our warmup run. The map has roughly 16 main points to spawn on, most players go for one of the icons, so you just need to identify where they are and plan for a sweeping view of the areas for players running about. 9/10 I catch at least one player running to something, you pop a few rounds off to maybe kill them but definitely force their team mate to reveal themselves, and it’s easy hunting. I would say in the event where three people waved, it’s quite possible it was three friends who spawned same map at the same time, and took a lucky guess at where another play would spawn. Its not always hacking, sometimes it’s just intelligent hunting. One thing I don’t think a lot of players know to do also, is look through windows and closely at walls. I can’t tell you how many times I spotted a guys gun poking through the wall of a house. When you learn where the head positions to the gun based on prone/crouch it’s pretty easy to just line up a headshot through a wall and deal with campers. I’ve also got people by watching them move around a house through windows and got the jump on them because knew where they were.
  7. Kuljack

    Ammo and Crashes

    Both known issues. It used to be worse for crashes, it seems that if you crash before you enter the match or it’s a crash on the server end loosing gear is a 50/50. If it’s a hard crash to dashboard or a connection issue on player side it seems to take gear. Maybe to prevent rage kids from shutting off xbox before they die.
  8. Kuljack

    Threat challenges

    Currently there is the Kill a Threat challenge. Can we see this modified to be Kill or Become a Threat? As it stands, I am dependent on someone else having the skill to kill 4 other players and become the threat before I can even attempt this. It’s been two days now without a threat to kill. I almost had one last night, but the teammate killed his partner and the TK player left before I could see if that kill counts toward challenge.
  9. I am wondering if having a system would work for Vigor where we had a Level of Progression represented by Challenges with rewards. The way this would work is we have challenges like ‘Kill X Enemies’ with a few tiers. Bronze = 100, Silver = 500, Gold = 1000. Each could provide a crate or crowns for achieving it and then it gives 1 point toward your progression level. Your progression level would then show like lv 1, with 10 more points to reach lv 2, and it would increase more for each next level. Challenges could range from kills, to kills with weapon type, to loot this many resources, to even travel this much distance of play this many matches on this map solo/Duos. This would give us something new to work toward and relatively easy to implement I believe. The down side maybe it knowing other players levels? When I see some players I never know if they’re good or bad. I’ve met players with ADR who were easy to deal with and have been owned by players with a thompson. Gear doesn’t represent skill level and that’s kind of a nice mystery element but having a level represent your skill might be a nice badge of honor too
  10. Kuljack

    Stamina Draining

    You must be bringing a heavy gun or a lot of ammo into the encounter?
  11. Kuljack


    No need to be pissy. It’s simple that flooding the same topic in separate threads makes it harder to call attention to the issue as a collective. I fail to see how any of that is obvious regarding our opinions.
  12. Kuljack


    Depends on your approach and perspective of worth. The white crates offer me a customize option just about every other set. It’s not worth a lot to some, but I like having more color variants and emotes available.
  13. Kuljack


    You don’t need to keep making new posts about this.
  14. Kuljack

    Partner support

    I think they’re pretty nice looking bags to be honest. They have different sashes and patterns. Not bad content 🙂 and it didn’t cost us crowns to have the bags either
  15. Kuljack

    Partner support

    You can enter them in the xbox market place under redeem code.