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  1. I think it’s fine how it is, it’s made combat more fair and challenging. We used to have people sprint to the crate and sprint to exit, now crate runners have to be more tactical because other players can catch up more easily now. Something most do not seem to know is that your running and stamina are much more efficient if you sheath your weapon. Having it drawn drains you faster and slows down the regeneration of stamina. Knowing this helps.
  2. Kuljack

    Team killing? Quad team?

    I could see Quads playing with randoms ending like the season 2 of Peaky Blinders with the Redhand fellows if it offered 4 crates lol
  3. As an adult gamer, I have limited time to access the game via xbox, which results in my daily routine being to quickly collect all my resources and try to rush my challenges before reset most days. I am wondering if there are any plans to implement a companion app that allows us access to our account to collect resources, review challenges, queue crafting projects, and maybe even review the market. It would be great to see what my daily challenges are in the morning to know what I need to plan for in the evening. Maybe this could provide a social atmosphere too for finding people to duo with?
  4. Kuljack

    Black list!!!

    Yup, this. It’s great that they’re friendly, it’s great they socialize. Is it a pain when you get outnumbered? Sure! Does it feel like they’re not playing a match the way it was intended? Sure! I personally won’t team or join these communities that organize boosted matches and map clearing, strictly on the fact that it strips the game of challenge and fun. I want to struggle to get the rare crates, I want the threat of conflict and turmoil. I love the rush when I am corners or outnumbered and waste the group. If they manage to get me, then it’s a GG and I queue another match. It’s a free game and we all have the freedom to play how we want. Deciding how others should play is not something you should really concern yourself with, unless it is actual cheating like an aim bot or teleporting or something. Too much trouble on your heart to worry about how others need a handicap.
  5. Kuljack

    Purple crate, it's joke?

    It’s likely you had a plan in that spot, and got the plan from another crate. It happens.
  6. I did 15 random duo today for a challenge and experienced some great matches, but near the end ran into the team killer players. Right out of the gate, they started shooting at me for my guns. Some marked the map acting like they wanted to go somewhere. I returned fire to defend myself but then I get the team killer mark. This is a bit unfair, maybe there is a way that if you receive damage from your teammate it can register that and then you don’t get a mark killing them as it would be seen as self defense. I had to spend a whole match looking like the team killer when I wasn’t the real douchebag there and then all these kids were salty when they tried to avenge the other player and I dig them graves.
  7. With the updates to shotguns accuracy and spread, can the challenge times be increased. The pigeon II especially was what seems designed for the preexisting spread getting 2 in 1 shots, but this is all but impossible now.
  8. Kuljack

    Food bins...?

    I experience this as well. I thought I had looted them before 1.1 but not confident about that.
  9. Seems like a plausible reason, but inconsistent. I have nabbed the crate carrier many times to find full inventory with the crate, but no ammo for equipped guns. Always possible they expensed it all, needs tested!
  10. Kuljack

    Possible crate glitch figured out

    They’re probably destroying it.
  11. Kuljack

    The Secret Portal

    Imagine a bazooka lol
  12. Kuljack

    Black list!!!

    Weird and inappropriate... OP requested a post deletion as well.
  13. Would anyone like to run 10 encounters with me tonight to help me get my purple crate? I just need to loot food as well, will help ya loot what you need and cover your 6.
  14. Kuljack

    Black list!!!

    It’s my opinion that this is inappropriate. In most forum communities, name and shame efforts are frowned upon and make the poster look awful. People have developed a strategy to improve their odds of success. It his highly likely these players are in fact NOT equipped or capable of playing teams legit, so they resort to these methods to improve their odds. There have been many cases where another player messaged me at the pregame lobby asking to team up or truce. If I’m not there to clear the map, I tell them what I need and I’ll help them get the crate or whatever. This activity of people teaming up, whether preemptive or on the spot, is a show of a healthy community! People are teaming up and thinking intelligently for approaches at being successful. Instead of being salty about the fact that you aren’t thinking strategically like them, or don’t approve of their methods, embrace it or define methods to counter it. Personally, I like the ‘Kill them all and be the better player’ approach. You could get smart at supply drops and wait to see if someone else shoots the guy grabbing crate first. Pop a shot or two, not always a kill shot to see if people come to their aid. Kill them first as they’re obviously body guards and then deal with the first guy. Watch A beautiful mind, going for the obvious choice usually yields less desirable outcomes then going for the alternative choices.
  15. Kuljack

    Ammo Equip adding way too much!

    I get this want more after trying to become a single shot player now, not going full spray and pray you really only need those 30-60 shots for a whole match. Not 200+ rounds... or god help you if you do need that many shots lol. A x10 stack for adding would be appreciated now that I am wiser.