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  1. Kuljack

    Using Comm Station changes direction of radiation

    As long as I can remember it’s been that way. When you change location, changes the location and direction of the wave. From what I can guess, it’s to prevent trolls dropping the location right where the rad wave will start.
  2. Kuljack

    Looby boosters

    It was added to deter players abusing boosts and then leaving match to keep their crowns.
  3. Kuljack

    Reduce Radiation wave...

    Did another and wave seemed fine. Is it random?
  4. I was pro this update and even the radiation wave until a run on bridges. Radiation hits and I’m in the middle of the map... it’s a big map too. 1 second later I’m in the radiation zone. I went back for the crate but couldn’t make it extraction. I had an easy run to make but no time, that’s ridiculous. The crate only dropped moments ago.
  5. Personally I have pulled away from spray and pray. It’s unreliable and my accuracy has slowly been improving. I play in single shot, I walk if not crawl most places, and when I hear foot steps I adjust my location to asssas the player. Lining up shots with patience and tagging headshots for quick and clean eliminations. The spray and pray players can’t rush you if they don’t know you’re there and have a bullet in their head.
  6. Kuljack

    Ebay? lool 😂

    Yes, on the discord it was confirmed this is only in the event you are responsible for their death. If another player kills your duo partner, your partners crate will be accessible to you.
  7. If games are like life, then it’s never fair. I’m not sure what World you live in, but this is fantasy. They are not doing anything people would not do in real life. Safety in numbers is a catchy phrase because it’s a legitimate strategy. If you were in this world, you would make alliances with others for a better chance of survival and you would have to deal with rationing your gear and loot with others just as they end up having to. Making this fair argument in comparison to life is ridiculous. We don’t respawn in the real World. I do not team in this game because I enjoy the challenge, but don’t fault the scrubs who need to do it to have a chance. I would certainly find alliances in real life though.
  8. Kuljack

    Team Killers

    It’s hit and miss for duos. Lots of random team ups will bring a team kill out. Either they will try at the beginning, wait for you to loot the safe or crate, or they’ll try to kill you on the way to extract after they’re sure everyone else is gone. You can never trust anyone in random these days. Its not not even worth the white crate to join random duos, I’ll get more crates just running solo.
  9. Kuljack

    vigors playerbase in an identity crisis?

    This is a discussion channel, not a quasi rant platform.
  10. Kuljack

    Iron sight issue

    They do, it’s just a small team with a huge audience. I have seen a few developers out here addressing feedback and with a small task force, fixing these issues with a confident fix takes time. I am sure they are trying to identify the causes at the code level for this issue, among many other game breaking issues, and testing the fixes before launching them. It also appears that they don’t install hot fixes often, so we will have to hope for all out wishes in the next mainline update. Game crashes are at the top of the list imo
  11. I see your point, I think being able to drop it opposed to destroying it would be a happy medium. In your example, being able to drop it would only further improve your success of a safe exit as they would be drawn to the crate. The crate is already a beacon to trap players, so dropping it to set up a trap again is really no different then it’s current state. Yes, players could set the trap where they want but anyone daring to risk that trap deserves whatever fate they’re served for taking the risk.
  12. It’s been clarified that solo players are dumped into a Duos match when the duo queue doesn’t meet minimum player requirements. That’s why the crate has two boxes.
  13. I am surprised you would feel this way given other viewpoints. Its my view that if a player desires to pick up the crate, they should accept the risks associated with it. In your instance, I may have gone with an exit toward radiation or taken my chances at the exit. I’ve yet to meet an exit camper that bested me when I knew to expect them, but would have done the same as you. I would have walked toward the first to pull the 2nd from their spot and then made a break for the exposed camper. I would support the ability to drop the crate over destroying it though. At least in your event, you could have dropped it to free yourself of the burden without eliminating others opportunity for the reward. This ‘if I can’t have it, nobody can’ mindset is childish.
  14. Here is a perfect example of toxic behavior that results from this option. The player got themselves stuck (an issue of its own that needs fixed) and decided to destroy this very well boosted crate to spite any other players on the map for their misfortune. As a result, a good amount of crowns were wasted and toxic misfortune was passed along to all players in the encounter. We are seeing this more and more, and it feels like bringing light to it has only educated more trolls that it’s an option. The game would benefit from this being addressed.
  15. I think it’s fine how it is, it’s made combat more fair and challenging. We used to have people sprint to the crate and sprint to exit, now crate runners have to be more tactical because other players can catch up more easily now. Something most do not seem to know is that your running and stamina are much more efficient if you sheath your weapon. Having it drawn drains you faster and slows down the regeneration of stamina. Knowing this helps.