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  1. Matt Hejl


    It’s been a good minute since I’ve played is game (6-8 months). Main reason I left is I kept getting kicked out of lobby where it would disconnect there at the end. Anyways, has that improved? What has changed since then? thanks
  2. Matt Hejl

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    You are wrong. It's an advantage. You are using your whole arm and shoulder to pin point something. So the cursor is basically an extension of your arm. Now don't get me wrong there are some good thumbstick dudes, but it's an advantage to aim with a controller. Bottom line.
  3. Matt Hejl

    Where's it headed?

    Maybe the release of another console is hindering progress on this game.
  4. Matt Hejl

    Where's it headed?

    First off...I enjoy this game. Quite a bit and I think it has massive potential. It has some janky stuff and weird mechanics at times...but whatever. My questions is this, now that a majority of folks playing, including myself have their shelter built up where they are maxing it out or can sustain well (creating enough food, materials, etc...). Because of this, most encounters now seem to turn into just a deathmatch...or mini battle royale. I feel like most outlanders, including myself, go in and dont have a high priority to have to come out with a ton of loot. They will take it if they can, but its not crucial if they dont. So where are we headed? If there is no real reason to go in to get supplies to update your home or shelter, we basically have a deathmatch or royale type of game. But one that has some rough shooting mechanics. Like I said, I love the game and love the small adjustments they have been making. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FIX THE FOOTSTEP SOUNDS. All I hear are kangaroos hopping around. Any and all comments, opinions are welcome. Just looking to strike up some dialogue on what you guys want, think will happen, needs to happen, etc...
  5. Is this accommodating new players? Im assuming, like me, anyone thats played this game for any time at all will already have enough food stored up to complete this...already!
  6. Matt Hejl

    Jan 15th Update - First Impressions

    You are right on. This is my biggest issue now after patch. But to me its a pretty big one.
  7. Matt Hejl

    Teammate footstep sounds bugged

    Sounds are super important in a game like this...IMO
  8. Matt Hejl

    Teammate footstep sounds bugged

    Is nobody experiencing bugged footstep sounds? It happened to me all night that I played last night. Mainly my own teammate, but sometimes enemies. Just makes it hard to concentrate. Ill admit, I am a sound whore on these types of games.
  9. Matt Hejl

    Hit reg change?

    I've prob played 6 games so far tonight and have been killed instakilled prob 4-5 games. First bullet that registers gets me.
  10. Matt Hejl

    Jan 15th Update - First Impressions

    1. loot was abundant...I agree. 2. I had a hard time hitting shots when encountering people. Aim felt fine, but shots didnt seem to register as well. Sometimes thats this game for me though. 3. My partners (I was playing duos) footstep sounds were bugged. Sounded like he was hopping unless I looked at him, and then sound was normal, but if he was to the side or behind me...it sounded bad. Enemies footsteps sounded fine.
  11. Matt Hejl

    Teammate footstep sounds bugged

    ...If i stare directly at him or her, it clears up. As soon as I look to the side or he or she is behind me...it comes back.
  12. When my teammate is around it sounds like he is hopping around. I hear like a rhythmic patter of his footsteps, not every step. Its obviously a bug and came back with the small update that took the christmas stuff away. This happening to anyone else?
  13. Matt Hejl

    Season Pass

    2000-4000?! How? I can get 1800-2400 alot of times, but never pushing 3000, more less 4000. Thats nuts.
  14. Matt Hejl

    Random gun not shooting

    Yea, not stop belly-aching about free passes and solo-teaming. HEHE. I dont care, really. I dont get all worked up. I do get worked up when I am in a game with tons of loot and my freaking gun wont shoot though! ha. We need to play together sometime. When do you play? As in USA time?
  15. Matt Hejl

    Season Pass

    Is there any possible way to finish it?!?! Holy cow, with it going up every level in XP, theres no way you could get to 50 unless you played all day every day. Im not sure they calculated that right.