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  1. Matt Hejl

    New update, new problems.

    Please fix the ADS issue. Kills the flow of the firefights. By the time you realize how your guy is aiming vs what you want to do...its too late.
  2. Matt Hejl

    3rd person / ADS

    So technically its supposed to save on whatever you had it on last right?
  3. Matt Hejl

    3rd person / ADS

    What is the method? I know if you go 3rd and then click the stick it will ADS, but then after that...it sticks to where I am always aiming down sights, but then sometimes reverts back to 3rd person. This screws me up on encounters, especially when its a surprise type attack. Is it me doing something wrong or what?
  4. Matt Hejl

    Played a few, now questions

    What about ADS vs 3rd person, I was under the impression that if you aim down your sights once, then every time you pull the gun up in that round it will be the same. I find it inconsistent though, sometimes it ADS and sometimes its over the shoulder.
  5. 1. Is the only way to get new weapons, kill and loot and/or find blue prints? 2. Are blue prints only in crates? If so, how do you overcome being a low level player with low level gear, fighting guys with good scoped weapons and assault rifles. 3. What does breaking your stuff down do, other than give you materials? 4. Upgrading your house and table will enable you to do things quicker, produce materials, and what else? 5. Can weapons be upgraded? Scopes added, etc? Or they are what they are? Thanks...game seems fun! Any and all info you guys want to provide to help me get going, would be great.
  6. Matt Hejl

    New Player

    So the radiation is what ends rounds if people are still in the map? How long does each round typically take?
  7. Matt Hejl

    New Player

    I am coming from PUBG...can you hear footsteps and have a good sense of your surroundings? I am a sound maniac on games that allow it.
  8. Matt Hejl

    New Player

    Want to give this game a go. Is it an easy learn? Are there any noobs running around so I will have a chance...lol? Is the player base big enough to find games easy? thanks