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Change faction allegience

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a simple script to change faction allegiance retaining their waypoints

here it changes AAF to fight for opfor faction if you want them to fight the LDF


INDG = allgroups select {faction leader _x == "IND_F"};

_groupold = _x;
_groupnew = createGroup east;
(units _groupold) join _groupnew;
_groupnew copyWaypoints _groupold;
} foreach INDG;

 // --------------------------------------------------------------------------


null = [] execVM "INDtoOPFOR.sqf";


drones work fine,
helicopter behaviour issues - transports don't unload troops as per waypoint

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If you are using editor place units and not unit spawning in for a mission very simple trick. Place a opfor unit as leader group whatever squad you want to that leader. Now in the leader's attributes set presents zero. Now the entire group is opfor and will attack just like you were using all opfor

units. I've been using this since ARMA 2 to get civilians to fight against opfor blufor or ind.

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