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A range of moustaches to adorn your characters with from the original Spearpoint mod - now available to put on any character from the face wear menu. Available in black, blonde, brown, ginger and white.


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All content released in Arma3 game-readable and Real-virtuality3 encoded content fall subject to the Arma Public Share-Alike (APL-SA) License, unless otherwise specified.

Exceptions to this license are made in the following, with stipulations regarding use -

Any persons or entities directly or indirectly involved with active development of Arma 3 Life OR Arma 3 Life derivatives ( additionally, by alias; Caiden). Stipulations - Do Not Redistribute, No alteration or de-binarizing of content, no use at all within publicly distributed data-archives(including executable installation) for entities that receive more than US$10 in lifetime donations. This exception applies retroactively. Failure to adhere to this will result in legal action.

Any persons who have directly contacted myself (Spearpoint) to seek out explicit usage permissions retain use under agreed terms.

Unless specified, all content provided in non-engine proprietary formats (i.e "Source Files") is provided under the licensing of Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-alike License


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The best and most important mod of 2019. Epic in scope and facial hair.



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