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As title says. 

I am very bad at scripting, i have made a fully made mission, everything is done. Now I need a script so that i can teleport a module "zombie waypoint"  to certain location when players enter a trigger.

What script and entities do i need for that.


Player enters a trigger

trigger gets activated

Module moves to trigger location or near it


then repeat on next trigger

thanks, im very new to coding and scripting.

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Type: None

Activation: Any Player
Activation Condition: Present



On Activation:

yourZombieModuleName setPos (thisTrigger call BIS_fnc_randomPosTrigger);


untested. let me know if it works!
this should put the module at a randomly selected location within the boundaries of your trigger.

welcome to A3 scripting! and remember. good code is 90% other peoples code

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