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Information :

Feel free to share and discuss , about your Ravage Missions.

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This is the new mission of Gill93


The Last Three (Ravage Mod)


The Last Three is a Co-op Survival Mod created for those who enjoy free roam survival in a zombie apocalypse.





Description :


Scenario Details/Features
1. Roaming Raiders including Opfor and Independent.
2. Random Hostile Vehicle Patrols and Lone Renegades.
3. Radioactive zones and Rain. (Find a Geiger counter to monitor Rad Levels and use Antirads to prevent sickness)
4. Trader Huts spread across the Map
5. Ambient flybys and Heli patrols in certain locations.
6. Random earth quakes that can damage building and players.
7. Dynamic Weather system with day and night cycle.
8. Bandit camps, Hideouts and Feral dog packs that spawn randomly around players.
9. Zombie infection system-players will need to pick up and use injectors if infected.
10. Wind simulation that affects player and AI projectiles depending on wind speed and direction.
11. Detrimental Weather system that forces players to craft a fire, seek shelter and or wear warm clothing to prevent becoming cold or sick during the night.
12. Creepy fog that spawns at night and stays at ground level.
13. Helicopter Crashsites to find and Loot random spawn location and amount at mission start.
14. AI will search buildings, place mines, check bodies for ammo and flank players thanks to VcomAI.
15. Multiplayer Revive system with Random Respawn locations.
16. Fallout Ash particle effect and custom ambient sounds.
17. Roaming Zombies both walkers and Runners. (More zombies will spawn at night vs day)
18. DZN Extended jammign add the possibility for your weapon to experience a number of failures including Failure to feed, Failure to extract, Chamber Failure and even Ammo Duds. Default key for the Menu is CTRL + R.
19. Project Injury Reaction. Adds new Reactions to AI when being shot or killed AI will sometimes deploy smoke and drag injured teammates.
20. Fixable vehicles and searchable wrecks. (Use a hose and fuel canister to take fuel from pumps or wrecks)

Scripted Features used in the Scenario
1. GF Bloodstains Lite/SFX
2. GF Cleanup script.
3. GF Crashsite Script.
4. Ballistic Wind Simulation script.
5. VCOM AI Script.
6. Exile GroundFog Script.
7. AirPatrol Script.
8. Post Apocalyptic Script.
9. Detrimental Weather Script.

Required Mods
1. Ravage Mod
2. CBA Mod
3. CUP Weapons
4. CUP Units
5. DZN Extended Jamming
6. Project Injury Reaction.
7. Vandeanson's Apocalypse Mod

Recommended/Supported Mods. (Try not to use to many mods as to prevent performance issues)
1. Enhanced Movement. Allows players to climb buildings walls vehicles etc.

2. Arma 3 Enhanced Inventory. Adds the ability to Repack Mags and Displays Armor & Weight values in the inventory.

3. Goko Ballistic Impact Mod. Adds projectile impact effects to metal, Adds the ability to destroy AI Helmets and headgear with certain calibers.

4. Fox Fuel Mod. Makes vehicles consume fuel faster as to make Refueling more Vital.

More Changes to come as New mods & Scripts are discovered and or if Ravage is updated itself.


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2 minutes ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

Only The Strong

by Mauseri





This is a SINGLE PLAYER scenario!


You were part of a drug smuggling gang, running a little stash house on Tembelan Island, near Indonesia. The job was easy: your asian connections bring the dope in, you store it and keep it safe until your mates pick it up and transport it to Unites States... But lately nobodys been coming. Apparently some strange new disease, The White Plague, has gone world-wide, killing most women and turning men into violent, braindead monsters...

By now, the smuggling organization you were part of is probably gone, and no one is answering your radio calls. You have no clue of whats going on in Tembelan, but for a week or so you have been hearing a lot gunfire... so The Plague has probably reached Tembelan too?

You have a somewhat seaworthy boat and you do not plan to live the rest of your life in Tembelan, but going out there in the world with empty pockets seems dumb and dangerous... and is definately NOT how you roll! So you decide to make some SWEET CASH MONEY first! Surely there are ways to make quick cash in Tembelan if you're not afraid to get your hands dirty...

...and afraid you are not!


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