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Information :

Feel free to share and discuss , about your Ravage Missions.

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This is the new mission of Gill93


The Last Three (Ravage Mod)


The Last Three is a Co-op Survival Mod created for those who enjoy free roam survival in a zombie apocalypse.






Description :


Scenario Details/Features
1. Roaming Raiders including Opfor and Independent.
2. Random Hostile Vehicle Patrols and Lone Renegades.
3. Radioactive zones and Rain. (Find a Geiger counter to monitor Rad Levels and use Antirads to prevent sickness)
4. Trader Huts spread across the Map
5. Ambient flybys and Heli patrols in certain locations.
6. Random earth quakes that can damage building and players.
7. Dynamic Weather system with day and night cycle.
8. Bandit camps, Hideouts and Feral dog packs that spawn randomly around players.
9. Zombie infection system-players will need to pick up and use injectors if infected.
10. Wind simulation that affects player and AI projectiles depending on wind speed and direction.
11. Detrimental Weather system that forces players to craft a fire, seek shelter and or wear warm clothing to prevent becoming cold or sick during the night.
12. Creepy fog that spawns at night and stays at ground level.
13. Helicopter Crashsites to find and Loot random spawn location and amount at mission start.
14. AI will search buildings, place mines, check bodies for ammo and flank players thanks to VcomAI.
15. Multiplayer Revive system with Random Respawn locations.
16. Fallout Ash particle effect and custom ambient sounds.
17. Roaming Zombies both walkers and Runners. (More zombies will spawn at night vs day)
18. DZN Extended jammign add the possibility for your weapon to experience a number of failures including Failure to feed, Failure to extract, Chamber Failure and even Ammo Duds. Default key for the Menu is CTRL + R.
19. Project Injury Reaction. Adds new Reactions to AI when being shot or killed AI will sometimes deploy smoke and drag injured teammates.
20. Fixable vehicles and searchable wrecks. (Use a hose and fuel canister to take fuel from pumps or wrecks)

Scripted Features used in the Scenario
1. GF Bloodstains Lite/SFX
2. GF Cleanup script.
3. GF Crashsite Script.
4. Ballistic Wind Simulation script.
5. VCOM AI Script.
6. Exile GroundFog Script.
7. AirPatrol Script.
8. Post Apocalyptic Script.
9. Detrimental Weather Script.

Required Mods
1. Ravage Mod
2. CBA Mod
3. CUP Weapons
4. CUP Units
5. DZN Extended Jamming
6. Project Injury Reaction.
7. Vandeanson's Apocalypse Mod

Recommended/Supported Mods. (Try not to use to many mods as to prevent performance issues)
1. Enhanced Movement. Allows players to climb buildings walls vehicles etc.

2. Arma 3 Enhanced Inventory. Adds the ability to Repack Mags and Displays Armor & Weight values in the inventory.

3. Goko Ballistic Impact Mod. Adds projectile impact effects to metal, Adds the ability to destroy AI Helmets and headgear with certain calibers.

4. Fox Fuel Mod. Makes vehicles consume fuel faster as to make Refueling more Vital.

More Changes to come as New mods & Scripts are discovered and or if Ravage is updated itself.


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2 minutes ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

Only The Strong

by Mauseri





This is a SINGLE PLAYER scenario!


You were part of a drug smuggling gang, running a little stash house on Tembelan Island, near Indonesia. The job was easy: your asian connections bring the dope in, you store it and keep it safe until your mates pick it up and transport it to Unites States... But lately nobodys been coming. Apparently some strange new disease, The White Plague, has gone world-wide, killing most women and turning men into violent, braindead monsters...

By now, the smuggling organization you were part of is probably gone, and no one is answering your radio calls. You have no clue of whats going on in Tembelan, but for a week or so you have been hearing a lot gunfire... so The Plague has probably reached Tembelan too?

You have a somewhat seaworthy boat and you do not plan to live the rest of your life in Tembelan, but going out there in the world with empty pockets seems dumb and dangerous... and is definately NOT how you roll! So you decide to make some SWEET CASH MONEY first! Surely there are ways to make quick cash in Tembelan if you're not afraid to get your hands dirty...

...and afraid you are not!


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The Chernarus Outbreak File 2







The Chernarus Outbreak 2 is a Post Apocalyptic Survival Scenario featuring the Ravage Mod and a variety of other scripted features Plus many tasks for the player to complete if you are new to Ravage I recommend visiting the Ravage Wikia for details on the basics also make sure to check out the details below.


Scenario Features/Details

1.Roaming hostile Raiders and Lone Renegades. (23% chance to be militarized)

2. Roaming Zombie walkers, Runners and Bolters. (Zombies affected by day and night)

3. Day and Night Cycle with Changing Weather, (Time Acceleration x4) Ambient music

4. Radioactive Zones, Water and Rain. Search for Gas masks, Antirad pills and a Geiger counter to combat the Radiation.

5. Tasks to complete with a Loot rewards. (Make sure to check task area for loot and or Intel Items)

6. Intel Items to collect and Read some task related some not. (Documents Laptops and Pictures)

7. AI killed by zombies will become zombies themselves.

8. Wind simulation for Player and AI projectiles dependent on in game weather.

9. Two types of Anomalies to encounter on map. (Farty and Sparky)

10. Helicopter Patrols that can refuel and repair if damaged they can also communicate with ground units.

11. Random Helicopter wrecks to find and Loot Amount of wrecks and positions change each time you start the scenario.

12. Smarter AI thanks to VCOM AI Script. AI can search buildings, plant explosives heal teammates gather ammo when low flank players and more. Details can be found on the VCOM AI Mod Page.

13. AI have different reactions to being shot thanks to Project Injury. (Reactions include Knocking out weapon, Knocking down helmet, Cramps, Crawling, Loss of Consciousness)

14. Weapon jamming system including ammo duds, Failure to feed, Failure to Chamber failure to extract etc. Default Control to bring up the jamming menu is CTRL + R. (More Details on DZN extended jamming page)

15. More Blood and bullet impact effects thanks to GF's Blood/sfx script.

16. Cold weather System players can become sick if exposed to the cold nights and rain for to long craft a fire find shelter or wear warm clothing to prevent this from happening.

17. Players can become infected if Attacked by zombies if Infection occurs you must find and use a Antidote Injector.

18. Feral dog packs and Guard Dogs with handlers.

19. Friendly Survivor camp with Traders.

Required Mod
1. Ravage Mod
2. CBA
3. Chernarus Redux
4. CUP Terrains Core
5. Ravage CUP
6. CUP Weapons and Units
7. DZN Extended Jamming
8. Project Injury Reaction.

Players should limit the amount of extra mods they decide to use with this scenario as to keep performance stable.

Recommended Mods to Use

1. Enhanced Movement, Allows players to climb walls, building and more.

2. Arma 3 Enhanced Inventory. Allows players to repack magazines and displays armor values in the inventory.

3. Advanced Urban Rapelling. Allows players to drop down from buildings.

4. Immerse Mod. Adds recoil to weapons, Adds Cam shake from Explosions plus more.

Scripts used in this Scenario Include.

1. George Floros GF, Blood/SFXLite Scipt

2. George Floros GF Crashsites Script.

3. VCOM AI Script.

4. Exile style Groundfog Script.

5. ALIASCartoons Anomalies Scripts.

6. Detrimental Weather Script Edited version.

7. Ballistic Wind Simulation Script.

8. Jboys Feral Dogpacks

9. Vandeasons Infection Script.

10. Aerial Patrol script.


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by EO





Sirens is a single player survival mission influenced by Silent Hill, and powered by the Ravage mod.

This short mission acts as a prelude to future episodes.

Altis has been laid to waste....a strange malevolant force has taken over it's towns and villages.
The distant wail of the Siren brings out the dead, shrouding everything in a creeping fog....
Only evil remains.

Your main objective is to locate and destroy the source of the Siren.
Your secondary objective is to live long enough to perform the main objective!

This scenario is probably not without it's flaws, poor mission design and maladroit implementation, but like everything I create for Arma it's made with big love.
So if you like sneaking around a small village trying to avoid some badass Boss Zeds then this could be for you.

Haleks for the cool wandering Boss Zed code and generally being awesome.
Kodabar and Tourist for kindly play testing.



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A Former Ravage Special Forces Unit Deployed Into The Desert To Finally End The Z Plague.
Find the Biomedical Research Facility and destroy it to bring back Peace to Altis.
(saving is disabled,you cant run because its hard to move fast in a desertstorm and dont waste your ammo you gonna need.)
beware of suicide zombies.
Kill 50 Zombies to achieve an Easter Egg



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by JakeHekesFists




6 hours ago, JakeHekesFists said:

Henlo frens,
I made a mission for ravage, its on Chernarus Redux - with a LOT of mods.  
I originally just wanted to make it for myself, and maybe some friends to mess around with. But the project took on a life of its own. And here we are...

GITHUB https://github.com/jakehekesfists/ravage-dmd-edit-chernarusredux
STEAM WORKSHOPhttps://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1854589233

Basically I used to run some dayz epoch, exile and wasteland servers, I stopped this years back, but I kinda missed playing it, and i really missed the scripting side of it tbh,
So the premise here was to create a hybrid of DayZ epoch mod, A3 Wasteland and Exile.
I like what I've made so far, and wanted to share it with the community

I have used and modified some 3rd party scripts, such as r3f logistics, sethduda's advanced towing and @HallyG HALs equipment store.
But theres also a lot of custom stuff I've written into this, such as AI mission systems, PUBG style "redzone" artillery strikes, AI city invasions, service station repair, a ground loot spawn system to work in conjunction with the default ravage loot system, trader safe zones, night fog, and all sorts of stuff. 
but most importantly an inidbi2 persistence system which saves vehicles, players, base parts, bank accounts and the in-game time/date. 

I do need to warn everyone in advance, I haven't even attempted to run this in a dedicated environment. and that no attention has been paid to antihack/security at all as it has only been ran locally. 
This mission hasn't been thoroughly tested. But it appears to work as intended when I host from my local machine. 

There are still some changes I want to make in future. 
But I hope that some of you can take this and improve upon it. or at the very least have some fun playing what I've made.




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NSMSB3 (Namalsk Stalker Mini Sand Box for ARMA3)

By grimwald


On 9/13/2019 at 4:59 AM, grimwald said:

Namalsk Stalker Mini Sand Box - survival version


After the explosion the military are coming for you. Find the captain and what is going on as you try to survive in a Stalker-inspired Namalsk. Ravage AI raiders and survival system. 20+ tasks and save your game with ARMA-3 vanilla save system. Earn a cache discovery system with over 70 caches to be found. There are no artifacts, per se, in the game to avoid downloading 3Gb+ of ARMStalker for just a small component. ACE medical has been limited to basic so it is not as intrusive but we still get the nice ACE menus. 


For more info :



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Virus X - Patient Zero

by JTS



Open world post-apocalyptic cooperative mission with a story line. This is the continuation of Virus X - Scientists & Virus X - Antidote. Search for food, ammo and weapons to survive. The nights are dark and the weather is hostile.

6 hours ago, jts_2009 said:


  Reveal hidden contents

















For more info :


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