Sirens is a single player survival mission influenced by Silent Hill, and powered by the Ravage mod. 

This short mission serves as a prelude to future episodes.

Altis has been laid to waste....a strange malevolant force has taken over it's towns and villages. 
The distant wail of the Siren brings out the dead, shrouding everything in a creeping fog....
Only evil remains.

Your main objective is to locate and destroy the source of the Siren. 
Your secondary objective is to live long enough to perform the main objective!     This scenario is probably not without it's flaws, poor mission design and maladroit implementation, but like everything I create for Arma it's made with big love.  But if you like sneaking around a village trying to avoid some badass Boss Zeds then this could be for you.   Speaking of Boss Zeds, meet the guys...   Credits: Haleks for the cool wandering Boss Zed code and generally being awesome. Kodabar and Tourist for kindly play testing. Download: Steam