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Terrain builder Makes Terrain Flat with Asc and Xyz

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fixed it by creating a new map frame a few times and changing the height map.


So far this is  occurring on windows 10 64 bit. I did a fresh install of everything for Arma 3 Tools and Verified Cache through Steam which Validated 3 Files, Also used futuraToP to extract the game Data to make buldozer work for the updated scripts/road tool.

I set Terrain builder to compatibility mode for windows 7 as Administrator checked. (It was working fine on windows 7 before , since I upgraded to win.10 I ran into problems with terrain builder being slow and unresponsive while loading up maps and closing dialog boxes etc.) ... Using L3DT to export terrain as 2048x2048 Asc or Xyz Format ( I prefer ASC which works best usually.)  In Buldozer view The terrain is flat.  In Terrain Builder Window,  it's Flat without Colored Height Lines/Contours you would normally see on a working import ( Red,Orange Etc.) > I Tested to see if a BMP Works normally, and surprisingly it does work like Asc should be doing Like this 




BMP Import.



Here's a picture of what It looks like when i import the terrain as Asc/Xyz.

No Contours or lines for Elevation like Above. + Terrain is Flat with blocky water textures interrupting the "Smooth" coastline.




And this is The result in Buldozer.












Computer Specs:

CPU: i5-4690k 3.5 Ghz

GPU: GTX 970 4GB

Ram: 8 GB




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