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Hello, i'm a regular player of Zeus on multiplayer, and i've seen the series grow over the years(ARMA 2, ARMA 2 OA, ARMA 3, etc) 


During ARMA 2, Warfare/CTI was probably my favorite gamemode.



I was wondering, could there be modules and objects in place for the zeus to utilize, in order to construct a similar scenario to that of CTI/Warfare like in ARMA 2 with ease?


More specifically, I was thinking about features like such:



  • in-game place-able marketplace for players to purchase new vehicles, weapons, and ammo, etc on the field(This will allow players to provide for themselves instead of relying on zeus to always add items)
  • -in-game currency automatically rewarded to players for killing enemies, completing objectives, etc(Required mechanic for the above)
  • Ability for teams to vote a single player as commander to allow the construction of friendly structures such as possible FOBs(new respawn points by choice of the players)
  • Module for Zeus to occupy a town with selected enemy forces of choice.
  • Anything else that makes sense




These were some of the additions I thought of, any suggestions are appreciated.



Why did I suggest these changes?  


I feel like the Zeus, currently, is a little handicapped in some aspects.


To supply players with non-default class weapons and equipment, Zeus must place down dozens of crates to allow players to have variety or simply find the gun that the players want(Why not just have it all in one Virtual Arsenal type of system)


Also, i'm aware that there are vehicles respawns, but they have been known to crash the game for the Zeus, and sometimes players don't necessarily need the same vehicle continuously. Minimizing unnecessary clutter is obviously ideal for performance. 


I feel like some of these additions would help lighten the load on any Zeus just starting out as well.


Because I feel like some of these things should be automated; and players should be able to have a bit more freedom without relying on the Zeus all the time.









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Excuse my ignorance, for a long time I am looking for a game mode in ARMA 3 that is the SAME as the war fare module in ARMA 2.
This game mode generated two virtual commanders who deployed all their forces throughout the entire map.
They function as two chess players who take the overall game situation and send troops to different locations.
I don't know the codes and algorithms that work in this game mode, but I still can't find something similar in ARMA 3.
A great open world was generated where you were just a small piece of machinery.
My experience: no need to generate missions. If you buy some units and you venture on the map you will find unpublished situations, which are not planned by the creator of the mission, where you are going there will be action, in some cases there will be small skirmishes in other states in the middle of a great confrontation,
you might come across an enemy supply convoy, etc.
The question: Have you found something that is equal to the WARFARE MODULE

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