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USS Freedom Correct/Realistic layout

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Hi there guy's and gal's I'm looking for some wisdom and guidance...

I want to learn what all the markings mean on the freedom, how to read them, what they mean and most importantly how to populate the fight deck with aircraft, choppers and any vehicles that may be on the flight deck at any given time.

I have found this image from @jarrad96 on another thread which has helped to get the CWIS placement correct...


Now I need to understand what the other markings mean, what they are for and how to place the aircraft on them correctly and where in general things should be placed.


Hopefully, you can help me with this, I googled and BI Searched and was unable to find the information I am looking for, fingers crossed that some of you out there will be able to point me in the right direction!



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Maybe this will be helpful to you:




Note this includes info up to the the Nimitz-class carriers. The USS Gerald R. Ford (the lead ship in the new Ford-class) was only recently delivered to the Navy and is still undergoing testing and trials. It has a number of differences with the Nimitz-class, but resources online are probably scarce right now.

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awesome! that goes some way to what I'm looking for...

next step is to id the markings and how they are used...


once this is all done ill put up a top-down of the CV with everything marked properly with descriptions and areas, the link you sent through was very helpful. but I still have questions


obviously, the big stripy runway looking markings are the landing area but its the other markings I'm interested in.

the large areas with thin yellow and red lines here are for the elevators but what about the smaller areas with thicker yellow and red markings what are they for? 

Also how many aircraft would be parked here and what way would they be parked?

would aircraft be parked on the elevators?




How do these lines work? (the diagonal white line and the t shaped line with the 8)



same for these lines

also, how does the aircraft or helicopter park/land on these lines?



the rest of the markings in question are the T shaped markings with the numbers, they stretch down the side of the deck across the cats and up to the front (pic's for good measure) what are these and how are they used, what are the little boxes for etc

obviously the T's with the numbers are all the same, but does there location matter, are certain things only using certain markers?






am sorry for my ignorance I'm hoping you and your superior knowledge of these things may be able to help me and others to understand the basics of the flight deck :)


cheers again

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updated the pictures to ones that work, hopefully now you will be able to see what i mean and have an idea what each marker is for

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15 hours ago, zigzagtshirt said:

Not sure about the diagonal white line but the numbered areas with the T-shaped markings are for helicopters.

that's what I had hoped!  do you know how they are used? what each line means, where do the skids or wheels go etc?


On 6/14/2018 at 4:24 PM, beno_83au said:

American Military Forum - US Navy


Might be worth asking here for any links or references to aircraft carrier markings. 

worth a shot!

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