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  1. As for the first issue of AI driving like morons- are you placing waypoints for them to follow? I was having similar issue at first. In my case it seemed to be that I was "over waypointing" (putting a waypoint at each bend of the road; so I was creating way too many waypoints). So for a 500 meter drive, I had the AI following like 20 or so waypoints. When I cut it down to like 2 or 3 waypoints then the issue went away. Unlike Arma 2 AI, Arma 3 AI know on their own that they need to turn left when the road curves left (well, most of the time anyway). This may or may not be relevant to you, but thought I'd share in case it helps anyone else.
  2. zigzagtshirt

    AI aim problems?

    Is your mission stressing the server too much? As server becomes more stressed, AI performance can suffer. I've experienced similar issues which were resolved by hosting the server on a more powerful machine or setting up some headless clients.
  3. zigzagtshirt

    PIP on TV monitor help

    Womp womp. I knew it was something stupid. I was hoping you'd be around to set me straight, Grumpy. THANK YOU!
  4. zigzagtshirt

    PIP on TV monitor help

    script 1: _screen setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(piprendertg,1)"]; script 2: _screen2 setObjectTexture [1, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(piprendertg,1)"]; tv1 object is a dual screen monitor. The 0 refers to left screen; 1 refers to right screen. I even tested this with two completely different objects and the first camera was still mirrored across both.
  5. I have the dual-screen monitor object placed in mission. I have successfully created a "PIP camera" and attached it to the first monitor. However, when I create a separate, distinct instance of another one and try to attach it to the second monitor, all I get is the first monitor mirrored on the second instead of the different camera. What am I doing wrong? I feel silly for asking. Here are my scripts: //Camera 1 _screen = tv1; _screen setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(piprendertg,1)"]; _pipcam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; // set exact yaw, pitch, and roll _y = 72; _p = -27; _r = 0; _pipcam setVectorDirAndUp [ [ sin _y * cos _p,cos _y * cos _p,sin _p], [ [ sin _r,-sin _p,cos _r * cos _p],-_y] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D ]; _pipcam cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "piprendertg"]; _pipcam camSetFov 0.75; _campos = [11441.9,14226.4,12.213]; _campos set [2,12.213]; _pipcam setpos _campos; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Camera 2 _screen2 = tv1; _screen2 setObjectTexture [1, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(piprendertg,1)"]; _pipcam2 = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; // set exact yaw, pitch, and roll _y = 229; _p = -29; _r = 0; _pipcam2 setVectorDirAndUp [ [ sin _y * cos _p,cos _y * cos _p,sin _p], [ [ sin _r,-sin _p,cos _r * cos _p],-_y] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D ]; _pipcam2 cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "piprendertg"]; _pipcam2 camSetFov 0.75; _campos2 = [11460.2,14242.3,17.1712]; _campos2 set [1,17.1712]; _pipcam2 setpos _campos2;
  6. zigzagtshirt

    Weapons won't fire from water

    Generally, no. Some may if prepped correctly. Otherwise, you are likely to destroy the firearm and potentially injure yourself. I believe the HK 416 is a bit more forgiving than the standard AR/M4/M16 platform, but it should still be drained of water before discharging.
  7. zigzagtshirt

    Holster and Explode?

    Have you checked to see if their altitude in the editor is equal to the terrain height? In other words, are you sure you're not starting them in mid-air (even by a few feet)?
  8. Not sure about the diagonal white line but the numbered areas with the T-shaped markings are for helicopters.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but with this script won't the artillery fire on targets merely because the targets enter the area regardless if the operator or spotter is aware of the target?
  10. If you use headless clients then they are doable, but it will depend on how many headless clients you have running and how much AI each of them can handle. Headless clients work with dedicated servers the same as regular servers.
  11. Maybe this will be helpful to you: https://www.navysite.de/cvn/flightdeck.htm Note this includes info up to the the Nimitz-class carriers. The USS Gerald R. Ford (the lead ship in the new Ford-class) was only recently delivered to the Navy and is still undergoing testing and trials. It has a number of differences with the Nimitz-class, but resources online are probably scarce right now.
  12. Add some headless clients slots to the missions. This will at least give you the option of offloading the AI to one or more headless clients if available. Adding the slots does not necessitate their use, but allows you to use them if you want. Look into Werthles Headless Client script. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=459850665 I would avoid the module and use the standalone script as the module has been buggy at times. If you aren't familiar with headless clients in Arma 3, it will take a little effort to understand and set up in the beginning, but once you are off and running you should see significant performance, stability and FPS improvements. Additionally, the AI fight more like actual soldiers vs. brain dead zombies since they don't have to compete for server resources to make them function. If you are using a i7-4770K on the server machine, you have plenty of CPU threads to spare for two headless clients running alongside the server on the same machine. Our guy runs the server alongside two HCs using a i7-4770K and still plays the missions on the same machine. Performance may vary depending on the content played, so I can't promise anything, but I'd say give this a try in addition to the other suggestions on optimizing your missions.
  13. Did you try say3D? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/say3D Create trigger; set to repeat; set activation area; ON ACT: PLAY3D_SCRIPT; ON DEACT: same PLAY3D_SCRIPT but replace the sound name with empty quotes ("") to stop it. play3D will stop playing automatically once the object is destroyed. Note: untested; this is from memory. Someone correct me if this won't work.
  14. zigzagtshirt

    Door Keypad [SCRIPT] Request

    I made a sort-of keypad script of my own to disarm bombs and access protected cell phones/computers, etc. However, it utilizes the action menu instead of a GUI with buttons. I would love to upgrade it to an actual keypad GUI, but as is it gets the job done. I know it's not exactly what you're looking for but I'm willing to share if you're interested.
  15. zigzagtshirt

    [Request] Counter-arty script

    Hi Silentghoust, I wrote my own ai mortar script that uses an ai spotter to visually identify targets and call shots for an associated mortar battery. I think it could be modified with a little work to be used for counter artillery. I've been looking for a new scripting project lately and this sounds like it would be interesting and I've been meaning to make something like this for a while now. If you're interested in collaborating with me on this, send me a PM.