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ZBE_Cache [NR6]:

ZBE_Cache [NR6] 1.1 (Google Drive)





Modified version of ZBE_Cache based off version 4.6a of the original script to be compatible with the cargo system used in HAL. Original mod found here by zorrobyte. Script version only included.




Launched and used the same way as the original ZBE_Cache. Call in init.sqf with 


[AiCacheDistance(players),TargetFPS(-1 for Auto),Debug,CarCacheDistance,AirCacheDistance,BoatCacheDistance] execvm "zbe_cache\main.sqf";





Essentially the same script as the original with the exception of modified FSMs and scripts so that the caching system stops as soon as the commanded squad is ordered to enter a vehicle. This way, any group in vehicles or who needs to use a lift for a period of time will be able to do so while away from the players by having their caching disabled for the time they are on board. The caching system starts back as soon as the leader disembarks. This also fixes the problems caused by dysfunctional crews of tanks when cached at the sacrifice of a bit of performance as the groups in vehicles are not cached.




ZBE_Cache [NR6] 1.1

-Major optimization of AI caching/uncaching in vehicles;

-System now uses waypoints AND leader presence to control whether a group is to be cached or not inside a vehicle which greatly improves flow of AI;


ZBE_Cache [NR6] 1.00

-Initial release




All credits for the original ZBE_Cache go to zorrobyte who created the very useful caching system this script only modifies slightly.





If you encounter any bugs, feel free to comment on this thread.



ZBE_Caching by Zorrobyte is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and this modified version is released using the same license.

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Nice! thank you Ninja, you're giving Hetman fresh air

i'll implement it in the next terrain port of Hetman: War Stories and see if work along HWS as well, it may help gain some fps

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On ‎01‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 5:56 AM, kremator said:

Nice @RommelBr.  Do you have any NON steam links mate ?


Sure @kremator, here you are link (Google Drive folder)

Edited by RommelBr
changed link, leads to google drive folder with all ports
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Thanks so much for this,i was just about to give up using the cache system as it was messing with advanced AI command(i gave distant groups get in orders,and couldnt turn off cache for that group as they were being spawned in via JEBUS,and thus their init string forgotten).


Now it works great!

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