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[MP] co40 Domination!

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Domination 4.30 available!!!!


Beside many changes and fixes a UNSUNG and Malden TT version was added!


The Global Mobilization versions now also support GlobMod 1.2 now (choppers \o/ )


Domination 4.30 Changelog and Download


If you are using a database please execute the file "DAddColumn_d_retaken_farpspos_4_30.sql" once (a new column was added to the missionsave table).

And also replace the existing "domination-custom.ini" file in your extDB3 folder with the new one.


Check also the Wiki pages as there are also new paramters available.



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Now that Arma 3 patch 2.02 is available it's time for Domination 4.42.


Many changes went into this release including many optimizations.

The mission is now using the new compileScript command to compile all scripts which will bring script optimizations over the next months (in performance binaries from BI).

InterceptDB is now also fully working which adds DB support without going through callExtension.


Complete changelog and Download 


Please check also the DOM_DB_Changes_for_4_42_IMPORTANT.txt file which has some additional instructions if you are using a database.


Thanks too all who have contributed!



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Reading the GitHub, I had a question on one of the updates:


Changed: You can now disable ACE medical system and use the internal mission Revive when ACE is running (d_ACEMedicalR in description.ext, "Disable ACE medical revive (if ACE is used) and use mission revive" in lobby, finally in, somehow got lost before)

How did you manage this with mission scripting? Because it would fix the need for loading one of the many (outdated and illegal) ACE without medical mods from the workshop....!

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