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    Tanks DLC Feedback

    hi guys, couldn't read entire topic. is it revealed which tank models will be available? are they going to be fictional tanks or known models? i don't want to see fictional future tanks. tanks like m-60, t-72 would be great imo.
  2. cenkcnk

    Helicopter controls

    still same problem.. i think i should use mouse and kb with basic flight model. btw when i try to sling load mission, it says "rear facing camera can help you, you can on this camera by hitting "note assigned"" i searched through the controls menu but i didin't see a camera key to set. sling load assistant is working well but no camera at all
  3. I try to use my fighterstick, throttle and pedals with advanced dynamics. but cylic moves very hard, despite this hard and very limited move, helicopters gains speed very rapidly. hovering without autohover nearly immposible. additionally i couldn't find sling load camera key via customize menu
  4. cenkcnk

    Squad (PR:BF2 Devs)

    it looks like arma. why and how does it kill arma?
  5. cenkcnk

    Otokar "ArmA" 8x8

    they all look alike each other
  6. cenkcnk

    Otokar "ArmA" 8x8

    Such a great name for a military vehicle :) https://www.otokar.com.tr/en-us/products/Pages/arma-8x8.aspx
  7. cenkcnk

    How much Arma have you played?

    170 hours since alpha. I have severe lazy eye problem so that I can not play as much as I want. If I play too much I get extreme pain both in my eyes and head HTC Incredible S cihazımdan Tapatalk 2 ile gönderildi
  8. cenkcnk

    Rate the third episode!

    it was too short and nothing solved or i missed very important explanation during the gameplay
  9. cenkcnk

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    guys, i have just finished the campaign. in last mission "paradise found" i found some kind of nucklear base by mistake but it worked for nothing. and i found miller's corpse in "search" area and nothing happened again. and then i climbed a hill and guided the arty strike then campaign ended. will there be a 4th episode? because i coulnd't learn the reason of earthquakes and hq asked me to get back to the base asap.
  10. i shoot the street lamps but nothing happens. what is wrong? are they too strong than arma 2?
  11. What kind a discount is this? Development on this sim is ended?
  12. Cyprus invasion or Vietnam or any African war mod would be good. I really miss old school weapons and vehicles like m16 or m113, m60 HTC Incredible S cihazımdan Tapatalk 2 ile gönderildi
  13. cenkcnk

    Mouse stucks

    not it is not. i fixed it to 30 by msi afterburner
  14. cenkcnk

    Mouse stucks

    hi guys, i am having recently a mouse stuck problem. it looks like kind of mouse lag but it is little bit different. i am using wireless mouse and some times my cursor stops (not lag, stops completely) and i have to move it again, again. thus it becomes impossible to aim or scan this problems increases with high graphic settings. it doesn't feel like mouse lag, because i already have this problem sometimes too. actually it feels like my mouse's battery is runnig low. and i tried with brand new batteries and same result. i don't come across with smilar problem in any onther games. any of you noticed this kind of problem? 2500k 4.3 ghz 8 gb ram gtx 660 ti oc'd