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A mod/plan that stops vehicles from exploding?

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Hello everyone,


this is something that's been bothering me for a long time and it has been probably addressed a few times.

I still want to talk about it again though, and that's the exploding vehicles.


Is there any mod out there (or perhaps even plans from BIS) that simply stops vehicles from exploding?


I really don't crave any fancy damage model, I honestly just want them to stop exploding, like, make them stay in the heavy damaged state so the crew bails and you can repair them later if you get the chance.


It looks good enough and way better/realistic than the model which the vehicle gets turned into after an explosion.


Don't get me wrong, I highly appreciate anything BIs gave to us since they released the alpha like shooting from vehicles and making it possible to rest your weapons, but from an immersion & polishing standpoint this is something that should've been high priority ( at least imo.).





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You could try a few things. The ones that I can think off are to check for the damge that is being done to a vehicle and after that certain damage you set has happened, the vehicle becomes invulnerable (allowdamage false). Next wait until it gets repaired so the vehicle's damage is above a certain point that you again set and make it vulnerable again (allowdamage true). Another thing you could try but more advanced in my opinion. You are going to be checking everytime the vehicle gets damaged and where. You are going to be saving that somewhere in the script and when the vehicle explodes get the wreck's location spawn the same vehicle and apply the damage at the places that it has happened. So for example no wheels or no turret etc.

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