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What gets saved by arma when you hit "save & exit"?

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hey guys,


i have created a gamemode for dedicated servers, but right now its not possible to continue it after the server shut down.

Before we tested on a dedicated server, the mission was meant to be hosted directly from arma, so we could hit "save & exit" but that obviously didnt work.

Here comes my question: what stuff needs to be stored in my database and what gets saved by arma?

There are quite some scripts with many variables that need to be saved, as well as the position of vehicles on the map and their condition.


Hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance

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You actually don't even need a database to accomplish what you want. You can use the server's profile to store all of the mission data. It doesn't matter how many you store, I've had servers with several thousand variables saved inside of it and it didn't care one bit. setVariable used with profileNamespace can take almost any data type, including arrays/objects so there won't be any problems there


Now of course that means that all the variable setting to the profileNamespace needs to happen on the server, and it needs to be saved before the mission is reset. The scripts should be pretty well all running on the server to begin with otherwise you'd have locality issues. 


If for some reason you should want to purge the profileNamespace, you can delete its .vars file (this is where all the data you saved ingame is stored). It can also be purged from ingame using profileNamespace and setVariable


Some relevant commands:

Profile Namespace



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