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Gunter Severloh

[SP/COOP] IFA3 Training Arena

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IFA3 Training Arena

by Gunter Severloh



A place to practice with your group, friends, or to shoot some enemies for fun.
Mission is really just a template, uses IFA3 buildings, and light posts, took me about 2 weeks to build, all buildings, sandbags ect,.

were placed for strategic, and tactical purposes. i've had this for the past year, and decided to share with my favorite community :)




  • Infantry based map designed for the run n gunner, or the realist who wants to work on various tactics and movement
  • Play by yourself or with 3 other players in Coop
  • 3 sec base respawn for mp
  • Revive other players during coop
  • Access to Zeus to spawn enemy AI
  • Access to Virtual Arsenal
  • Save and load your loadouts outside arsenal
  • Respawn with your loadout
  • Cleanup script that removes dead bodies, objects, items, and weapons every 5 minutes
  • Street light posts allows for night time practice or fun
  • Average shooting range is roughly 150-200m thats from one wall to the other side
  • Good map for CQB & MOUT
  • All buildings are accessible to move about



Steam Workshop - Germans v1.3

Steam Workshop - Russians

Steam Workshop - Americans

Steam Workshop - Americans vs Germans PvP 5v5

Steam Workshop - Germans vs Russians PvP 5v5



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Hey guys as requested on one of the Steam pages for the mission, i am going to create a PvP version for about 5 people a side, for all 3 of the factions.


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I really enjoyed this.  I added the Zombies & Demons mod so we was fighting soldiers and the undead.  It was quite epic in parts.  

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Cool! Good to hear, glad you liked it, i had alot of fun building it, and i train on it myself frequently.

Going to record a short vid of the pvp arena part, and will post that when its ready.


3 IFA3 training Arena missions

- added save gear script, you can now save and load your gear outside of arsenal, when you die you will respawn with the same gear.
- cleanup script fixed, cleanup now occurs every 20 secs, anything dropped, weapons, items, ect,. will be deleted in 20 secs.



I now added a new version, like yesterdays this one is a PvP version:

Steam Workshop - Germans vs Russians PvP 5v5

the American vs German version now has the added save, and load gear, and respawn with same gear, and fixed cleanup.



I'm going to be working on a modern version of the training arena, basically swapping out the IFA3 buildings for Arma3 ones.

will be replacing the playable units with arma3 units, with this mission you should be able to practice or play with any mod, only dependency the mission will have is apex because of the walls.

Walls will remain as they are for now just the buildings will be swapped out.

All for now.

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Late and forgot to post this, i had updated the German version (not pvp) to v1.3 in August,

heres the changelog:


Update: Aug 19 @ 6:43am

- Replaced all walls with IFA3 wooden walls, this should eliminate the requirement for Apex DLC.
- Replaced Ammo box with German Ammo box.


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