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Invade & Annex: Apex Edition

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On December 7, 2017 at UTC 21:00 I'll be publishing Invade & Annex: Apex Edition to this thread.

Downloads (check back Dec 7)

All files published here:   






Installation Instructions:










Gameplay footage:




Supported Terrains:


  • Tanoa
  • Altis
  • Malden


Mission Types:


  • Classic. AOs with HQ and Radio tower sub-objectives, and traditional "clear the area" with chance of heavy counterattack. Low intensity and relaxing, familiar gameplay.
  • Sector Control. AOs, with other sub-objectives and capture points (the AI had a 20% win rate). Blend of attack and defend. Higher intensity gameplay.
  • Campaign. Persistent, simple insurgency-style AOs with the familiar green/red grid squares and focused more on smaller-scale infantry urban operations.
  • None. Disable the primary objectives and use the powerful framework to support your own content or Zeus missions.














I will be around after the release to respond to setup/editing/dev questions if anyone chooses to host the mission. Contact me on discord for fast response ;)


Big thank you to the community of players who enjoyed the journey, you know who you are.:drinking2:


This is my parting gift to the A3 modding community, its been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of over the years.

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Still on track for Dec 7.


There may be post-Dec7 tweaks for arma v1.78 compatibility, depending on what we get in the Nov 30 Tac Ops update.


The plan a month ago was to design 2 further side missions and a new primary mission type. Due to time constraints (to publish by the above date), that is cut back to 1 side mission and new primary mission type. However some pretty cool stuff has been put in in the past few weeks, such as dynamic tasks/missions generated by player activity.


Still plenty of small things to do before then as well, to make the scenario more friendly for editors and give the Altis version several QA passes (most of the development since Apex has been on the Tanoa).


Example of a recent system just plugged in to support dynamic gameplay inspired by the recent LoW DLC:



that youtube channel has some other dev vids demonstrating other gameplay mechanics.

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Into the last few days now, finishing up development of the new mission type and working on polishing up all mission communications (how the mission communicates to the player). Going to have a late night tomorrow to try to get a Malden port sorted out. A lot of the mission is already configured for Malden but its lacking a base still, and all the configuration that comes with that.


A couple things i wanted to get done have been dropped off the back due to time constraints to get it published on time, but maybe i can do them after.


It was a pain in the ass to get the aircraft carrier working properly and how I wanted it (as an optional thing that can be spawned dynamically at any position, and integrated into all the missions systems), but it ended up alright. I never used the carrier but I expect if people run this mission it would be a requested feature, so better to do it right in the first place.



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We put in a marathon dev session yesterday. Result is that Malden will be fully supported for all mission types, and a surprise (wasnt on the to-do list) port of a special “Georgetown MOUT” (Tanoa) mission to Kavala (Altis). 


Malden wont have great quality assurance due to time constraints, so anomalies and glitches might shake out eventually and is something to watch out for.


Ive added my discord server to the top post, that will be the place to reach me, as i dont check the forums here often.

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Its looking like we actually might meet the deadline!


I have some RL obligations tomorrow evening so dev time is limited, and there are still a number of tasks to take care of, but that has shrunk dramatically in the last few days (the to-do list actually started getting smaller instead of bigger).


There is still a chance we will miss the deadline, but if we do it will be by maybe a few hours. This chance is due to the extreme care needed to convert the dev build into a public build, and then I will have to look at things like license, where/how to publish and overhead tasks like that.


In the meantime ...


Configurability and customization is not a strength of this framework, but here are some of the high-level config options that will be available. Before release of the mission file, I'll publish all the required files and also some optional things.







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On 2/2/2022 at 7:52 PM, [GSF] Georgians said:

is this mission CUP mod VERSION?   or how can i got it?


Hi, there was never an official CUP version sorry 🙂


There may be one or two floating around in a community somewhere that I am unaware of though.


Please direct all talk to the below thread




this current thread was an early-announcement of the above release

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