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1 hour ago, the_one_and_only_Venator said:


Since Arma 3's maps are kind of small these kind of speeds wouldn't benefit the gameplay I guess.

Well, it would technically make the game more realistic, and likely actually slightly reduce the speed at which aircraft fly, since aircraft would be made like ~50-100km/h slower at sea level.

And if they really want to go fast, they would have to climb to higher altitudes, which takes some time, makes them show up on radar and other electronic sensors like a xmas tree. Not to mention that this likely makes the aircraft almost unable to attack ground targets if it is at very high altitudes. (I said that I find this to be "LIKELY", it since I am not sure if it is even possible to get soldiers, vehicles, houses, etc. to show up from distances such as 8+km altitude, which can even cause some LoS distances as big as 25km if the aircraft is high enough and the target is not directly under the aircraft)


Likely an aircraft at such altitudes would be FORCED to rely on only lazer guided munitions to be able to reliably kill anything.

Not to mention that this likely will actually make "ground striking" lesser effective, since the aircraft will be limited to only said weapons, AND will take longer to reach a "striking position" at like 15km altitude and also will likely take longer to RTB from said altitude, unless if we are talking about stuff like operating a fighter aircraft at over 100km away from his air base. (which THEORETICALLY is plausible) What this would affect more would be in fact "Fighter vs Fighter" engagements.

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