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Mods included in mission folder

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I understand is not recommended to do this, but I have a portion of a mod that I wanted to add to the mission folder so that the players didn't had to download or subscribe the mod in before hand.

I've managed to do this with a script based mod in which I included the cfgFunction of the mod in the description.ext (mimicking the config.cpp of the mod) and it worked.

However I tried doing the same for a piece of clothing but I'm not having the same success. It doesn't appear in Arsenal so I tried to bypass it by using a "addItemCargo" to add the item to a object inventory but it's not working either. Using debug menu doesnt work either.

It's not issuing any errors but it appears to be something that isn't prone to show runtime errors anyway (for example mistyping a classname it doesn't complain).

The description.ext has a overload of cfgWeapons so that it includes the .hpp with the clothes scripting, alongside a overload of CfgPatches and CfgMods just in case.

The mod loaded normally standalone through launcher works so it's definitively the implementation in the mission system.


Any idea on what I could be missing?

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yeah, weapons, magazines, ammo and vehicles need to be defined in a mod.  Defined in mission file will not work.

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