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On 06/12/2017 at 3:35 PM, Caraoscura said:

Hi, awesome game, but i play with friends only 3 times, and always a guy trolls, killing us on same team, friendly fire only make trolls coming to kill others, we play only 3 times because always trolls in your server. And the report system sucks. You need i write 50 dates, and you need a picture¿? really, they guy troll can make shoot us easy, and i need write a CIA inform to report him? more work to me that this guy troll? you need fix this system or always no people on your server because easy to trolls.

I mainly stopped playing Argo for those reasons...
It's hard work to get rid of bad players, and at the ends they are all forgiven, so the report system is even more useless.
I was playing only 1 game mode by the end, but with that small player base... it's almost impossible to avoid those a** h*** in-game (the same TKers / cheaters over and over).

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Add achievements?

It would be a nice way to keep people playing so they have a somewhat long term goal. Maybe add a Steam badge and a Steam profile backgrounds as well.

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