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HotKeyMod (HKM) is a modification for ARMA:CWA which expands User Controls by bringing it closer to Industry Standards. Making use of FWATCH technology, HKM allows to bind User Actions to any key through specially designed menu. HKM is compatible with CWA (1.99) vanilla content only.

What does it do?
HKM allows you to bind User Actions to a specific key on your keyboard. You are able to bind switching weapons (primary, secondary, handgun etc.), switching seats in vehicles and many other actions to any key of your choice.
How does it work?

  • Enter Mission Editor
  • Place HKM Game Logic
  • When in-game press APP (Application) button to activate HKM Menu

In HKM Menu you are able to change hotkeys on-the-fly. Your settings are stored in a file.

HKM can also be activated through eventhandlers.
What can i do with it?
In the latest HKM experimental build you are able to bind:

  • Primary Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon
  • Hand Gun
  • Hand Grenade
  • Throw (Satchel Charge, Mine)
  • Heal
  • Holster Weapon
  • Interact


  • Switch to Driver Seat
  • Switch to Gunner Seat
  • Switch to Commander Seat
  • Switch to Back Seat (Cargo)
  • Manual Fire
  • Auto Hover
  • Eject/Get Out
  • Open/Close Hatch


  • Touch Off

Most of the actions listed above are obvious but one of them is special. INTERACT is an action that combines a number of actions into one key. Its functionality is based on player distance to interactive objects.
In the latest experimental build INTERACT key allows to:
  • Get into vehicle
  • Open/Close door
  • Climb ladder Up/Down

Other specific action is HEAL. It does not use any scripts. It is based on hardcoded action  unit action ["HEAL"]. It is possible to be executed by every unit (the healing animation is played) but it works only for medic. There is no possibility to make it excluded for everyone besides medics. Anyway, it does not interfere with the game mechanics and does not brake the game schematics (AI medic units do heal themselves).
Switching seats is next great feature of HKM. You are able to switch seats in a vehicle even when it is moving! This possibility introduces noticeable immersion improvement. Just remind yourself how many times you were trapped in a vehicle which lost its driver or gunner (or both) because of ongoing firefight. Now, thanks to HKM, you are not a prisoner of a trapped-car anymore!

HKM is work-in-progress. On the TO-DO list:
  • Mods compatibility
  • Restrictions for switching seats (for some vehicles)
  • Expanding INTERACTION
  • Switching vehicle weapons

In fact HKM is in a very early stage of development however current results shows what can be achieved with Fwatch. Thanks to Kegetys who created it over 11 years ago and Faguss' constant and fierce development, we have possibilities which a few years ago were considered to be miles away. Not to mention that Switching Weapons was introduced into ARMA3 barely 3 months ago!  :P
First version of HKM will be released when it will be considered to be ready.

HKM Main Menu


HKM Controls Menu


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1. Heckler und Koch ain't gonna like it...


2. The video is worthless without Faguss' voice.

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Only for CWA (1.99)?

Most of HKM features work with 1.96 as well. However, some features (elements of INTERACT) use CWA 1.99 command find. The worst scenario is that there would be two separate versions of HKM (1.96 and 1.99). The point is to make one version that would be supported by both games. I will look what can be done about it ;)

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