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Last version (1.56) we have detected next bug (steps to reproduce):


0. Get primary weapon to your hands

1. toggle combat-walk

2. lower your weapon

3. you will be move silent without sound (your soldier is playing animation - moving and carry weapon with one hand)



1) silent moving

2) where you push SPRINT key from these state - you will be play healing soldier animation and slow down the speed.




In version 1.58 we have detected new bug (steps to reproduce):


0. Get the primary weapon in your hands

1. Sit down with X key

2. Use CTRL+S to get down your stand (down-sit) or CTRL+W to get your stand up (up-sit)

3. Use B key to get binoculars


From 3rd person you will take binoculars, that will be removed from your hands - you will be see through empty hands.

From first person your soldier will play animation "seriosly wounded carrying" i think or something - they wont get the binoculars and trying to brake-dancing.


Where you try to get binoculars in down-stand/up-stand OR down-prone/up-prone - all will be ok, the soldier first make his stand normal, after that get binoculars.





Need to fix these 2 bugs.

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Unable to reproduce either issue. Are you using any mods?

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understood. i dont try on vanilla, just before it works correctly at our modpack.

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