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[SP Campaign] Hunter Six: Special Operations Unit

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce some stuff I've been working on for some time, a dynamic, open map SP Campaign - Hunter Six: Special Operations Unit.



On the eve of civil war in Greece, a Navy Special Unit - HUNTER SIX is sent to Altis to locate and rescue two missing CIA agents, who were tracking the rebel separatist leader, that calls himself the Messiah.


Hunter Six: Special Operation Unit is a Single Player open map Campaign set in 2016 on Altis. The main idea is not to copy a linear Call of Duty campaign style, but instead to focus on the best features that ArmA series offers.

The campaign offers a fully randomized open map campaign with two main objectives: locate and rescue the hostages and locate and eliminate the leader of the rebels. The decisions how to reach the goals are fully up to the player. Each playthrough will also offer a different objectives path to collect the intel on the main targets locations. The content is packed within one dynamic SP mission.

Key Features

  • open world, fully randomized mini campaign (each playthrough is a different scenario)
  • teammates level up system increases their combat skill
  • teammates individual perks have an actual influence on your team
  • teammates fatigue system (operators need to get back to the base and rest)
  • talk to your teammates to learn facts from their personal life
  • teammates permadeath
  • squad selection, medal & ribbon awards and a squad statistics screen
  • a reputation system that verifies if the locals are going to help you or join the rebels
  • dynamic day/night cycle with sleeping (skip time) option
  • new Transport and Close Air Support system via radio
  • interview the locals, gather intel and plan your next move against the rebels
  • search bodies to collect intel

Player Decisions:

The player decides what kind of actions he takes to achieve his main target. For example, the player decides how to interrogate the locals. He can push them hard to get more valuable intel or even search the house, but if he’s too aggressive the reputation will drop and more locals will start joining the rebel forces, so the enemy patrols quantity will increase.

Hunter Six operators level up during the mission, so their skill statistics grow. It’s good to differ the squad selection for different tasks, so the younger operators can skill up. However, some operators may not like the idea to go for a dangerous mission with inexperienced teammates and this will have an influence on their skills.

Few individual perk examples:

Mentor -young squad members gain twice exp when he’s in squad

Motivator -all squad members endurance statistic increases

Speaker - team reputation rises when he’s in squad, helps to talk with the locals

Navigator - points team position on map, even if not equipped with a GPS

Cagey - operator loses some skill points when young team members are in squad

Body Tracker - points on map killed enemies, it helps to find the bodies for an Intel search

All perks are individual, so combined with a permadeath system, once you lose an operator during a mission, his talents will be gone forever.

Story Background:

The Greek Debt Crisis that has begun in 2009 is still ongoing. Big national budget cuts approved by the parliament in 2014 have led to huge demonstrations and riots all over the country.

In 2015, a separatist formation called Dorean Valkania has been established. Their main goal was to separate Greece from the European Union, the main source of their problems. The support for Dorean Valkania grows very fast among the frustrated Greek population and this leads to another riots and bloody clash with the police. When the Greek parliament decides to use a brutal military force to put down the rebellion, Dorean Valkania goes underground and declares an open war on the present authorities.

In 2016 the whole country is destabilized due to ongoing incidents and fights on the streets. Valkania is growing and the amount of bloody encounters increases month by month, so the Greek parliament officially ask the NATO forces for the assistance as they feel the situation is getting out of their hands.

In May 2016, CIA loses their contact with two of their agents on Altis, whose assignment was to track down the rebel leader - codename Messiah.

2 weeks later, a Navy Special Operations Unit - Hunter Six, led by Lt. John “Daddy†Barnes, has been sent into the operation area on Altis, with two main objectives:

locate and rescue the two missing CIA agents

track down and eliminate the rebel leader codename Messiah

Finally I made it to version 1.0!

for now at:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=310594159]Steam Workshop[/url]

(soon also on Armaholic)



- climatic mission ending

- mission debrief with the Joint Special Operations Commander

- flashlights for the squad, with an option to order on/off (before you can use the NVGs)

- some rebels also use flashlights now

- ambient life at Olympus Air Base

- rare ambient civilian vehicles

- enemy pickups patrols

- new handy rearm system, under squad selection menu

- complete biographies and background stories for all operators

- new perk ‘Brothers Bond’ for the Wallace brothers

- Frost can now repair broken vehicles

- Messiah characteristic look

- in game SAVE GAME feature for unlimited saves

- notification that you cannot call a chopper, if it’s out of service


- NVGs are now equipped properly after 3rd June

- helicopters now rearm, refuel and repair each time at base

- helicopters wait longer after a drop off to not hurt the operators

- EOD specialists spots the IEDs earlier

- all operators start with proper gear

Hope you will like the new stuff and fixes!

I launched also a Facebook site for this project: Link

also, please consider your VOTE & SUPPORT at:


only 9 supporters left to enter the contest!

Looking forward for your feedback,

Have Fun!


If you like the idea, please support the concept at:


Some pre-alpha screenshots:








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I'm happy to announce the first alpha release of HUNTER SIX: Special Operations Unit.

The main game frame should be working. You should be able to complete all objectives and write your own story, as this is the main goal of Hunter Six campaign, totally different scenarios on each playthrough.

I was inspired by:

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001)

ArmA 2 - Manhattan mission

Books by Howard E. Wasdin, Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle, Mark Owen and Brandon Webb.

so if you're a fan of these above, I believe you will find something interesting in my work.

Together with the Steam release I have prepared a small trailer video to narrow you the gameplay ideas. I'm sorry about the compression quality, I had a real struggle with the software and this was the best I could get this time.

If you like feel free to post your stories here, if you like. I'm sure they all will be different ;)

Please remember this is an alpha release so it might contain some bugs.

Looking forward to all your questions and opinions about the scenario. Hope you will have some fun with it.




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Great mission, the only downside and isn't from you, its about the savegame don't work. And IMO what its missing is ambient life (civilians, animals, traffics) but that should increase the fps dropdown.

So that should have been done in Arma 3 and henceforth in Arma series, more role play (Roaming) than linear COD mission.

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Once I interrogate someone and they're arrested, how do I remove them from my squad? Is there some sort of jail somewhere on the map?

I've driven all the way back to Olympus if that helps.

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Once I interrogate someone and they're arrested, how do I remove them from my squad? Is there some sort of jail somewhere on the map?

I've driven all the way back to Olympus if that helps.

Yes, there is a jail on the map, and I believe there should be one at each FOB. In order to have him removed from your squad, the arrested suspect needs to be ordered to stand in or near the jail building (or have him follow close with you as you look for the jail, make sure he's close by). He will need to stand in the 'jail' area for at least 5-10 secs, can't remember how long it took, and then a message should pop up and he will disappear.

If you continue having trouble finding it, just say so, and I'll try to make some screenshots for you showing where the jails are. Hope that helps.

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Thanks Siege-A. Screenshots would be very helpful but if you could just describe what the jails look like and maybe provide the coords that would suffice too. Appreciated.

EDIT: Found it. I had the prisoners enter a random green building at the FOB and got the message "they'll be held for a couple hours and..." Thanks again for your help.

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