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  1. Thanks Siege-A. Screenshots would be very helpful but if you could just describe what the jails look like and maybe provide the coords that would suffice too. Appreciated. EDIT: Found it. I had the prisoners enter a random green building at the FOB and got the message "they'll be held for a couple hours and..." Thanks again for your help.
  2. Once I interrogate someone and they're arrested, how do I remove them from my squad? Is there some sort of jail somewhere on the map? I've driven all the way back to Olympus if that helps.
  3. r3m

    Anyone seen facial armor systems yet?

    Pretty interesting, was wondering about this today. The ones in the OP only offer IIIA protection though. III or IV would prob be more in line with the polish stuff mmaruda posted.
  4. r3m

    North Korea General

    I hope the war ends and Korea is reunified some time in the 21st century. Like many other countries at war, it's a beautiful place to visit, not to mention the humanitarian benefits of a Korea at peace. This kid though is clearly not ready to lead a country, let alone himself on to a better path in life as evidenced by his posturing and ego-maniacal behavior.
  5. r3m

    Grenade Launcher sight

    Voted ;) I almost feel bad for BIS at this point, they probably have metric ton of feedback coming in that they need to sort through and prioritize. If by release there isn't some change I'm glad at least the effort was made to form a reasonable suggestion early in public alpha.
  6. r3m

    Grenade Launcher sight

    Voted it up on dev heaven. Though not a complete redesign or addition of functional leaf sights, it would definitely be a small step in the right direction.
  7. r3m

    Grenade Launcher sight

    While it's true there is a way in game to change the distance that the sight is set for, and even to look through the sight at the dot for point of impact (up to 200ish meters, then good luck looking through the sight without a trackIR); it would be pretty difficult to argue that it's as effective as it could be or that it shouldn't be enhanced/redesigned. You can't for example change the distance to 50m increments let alone 25m which would be pretty useful in a pinch. And by in a pinch, I mean flipping up or looking down the GL sights and fire in less than three or four seconds. The way it is right now with the clunky way you're forced to use them in A3, by the time you have your distance set the target probably moved to cover or killed you, rendering the 320 very ineffective in a firefight. This is the current sight attached to the MX series in game, I'm like 90% sure I've seen it used on Steyr AUGs for their 203s. Would be nice if this at least was more functional. Not holding my breath of course...
  8. r3m

    Grenade Launcher sight

    He has a point, I guess the only game that really did them properly was America's Army 3 (see ).REALLY hope that BIS adds in similar functionality, because it would add immersion and is one of the "little things" that would go a long way toward enriching infantry combat.
  9. I've tried triggers and scripts mentioned in other ArmA 2 threads to no avail. Does anyone have a solution? I know that now in order to remove NVGs from a unit in A3, you have to insert this into a unit's init line: this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; this removeItem "NVGoggles"; Thanks
  10. My sole goal is to make this a reality in A3, since it's set in the future and we've had this technology for several years now. What I mainly am interested in learning how to do from here is (in order of difficulty): 1. How to add a red thermal overlay "box", similar to perhaps the METIS sight from ArmA 2, to the nightvision display in ArmA 3. 2. How to add a red thermal overlay outline to all textures which give off heat in ArmA 3. 3. How to script a transition between Thermal Off, Thermal On (Full), Thermal On (Outline) and 4. How to change the NVG model to a monocular or create a compeltely new one that resembles the PSQ-20. There's probably some config editing to be done as well, but I'm not sure where that is on the difficulty scale. Any help from the many far more experienced modders in this community would be highly appreciated. Gratuitous video intel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGXbgWqpiUw
  11. r3m

    64-bit executable

    I certainly wish that A3 would be a native 64 bit application, if for nothing else than being a game released in 2013 and what is sure to be a highly memory intensive application with huge assets. But like Maverick, I'm not holding my breath. A good and deep analysis was conducted in 2009 by Toms Hardware comparing 64 bit and 32 bit performance specifically pertaining to gaming. It can be found here: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/64-bit-vista-gaming,2250.html
  12. r3m

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Robots. Specifically the TALON and/or Gladiator TUGV - would be great fun to use in ArmA 3. I've seen the TALON modeled in a VBS2 video showcasing features so that would probably be the most feasible!