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Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

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This is my absolutely the most favourite mission. It was a pain in the ass at the beginning, but now when I know some cool locations, tips and tricks, I enjoy it very much. I don't play this mission to leave Altis. I play it till I die- what happens eventually.

My play:



Now you can escape Altis, or you can stay and have some fun, retaking Altis.

-Go to the green air base, that FIA guy was talking about. Retake air base using vehicle abandoned on the road, nort-west from air base, near the swamp. Take mortar parts inside it, take the vehicle, cleaning green heli LZ with use of mounted gun and FLIR is just a formality

-Take the base, take Gm6 lynx, give to people as much anti-tank weaponary as possible, take Titan with AA missiles, because those flying buggers will spawn here and there. Just remember about second Lynx and other stuff from Kuma tank.

From now on you can take Kuma tank and start assemblying your heavy vehicle column. Alternatively you can get your ass back to blackhawk, reach some destination near red positions (fly low, beware of Madrids, HMG's and other AA guns), unload all, get close in stealth, start bombing those muggots with mortar, and use lynx to finish the job.

I prefer second aproach, because letting AI drive in ARMA is a sadomasochistic deathwish.

All without saving. You need to be careful and plan well.

Nice approach. a heavy tank colume, I try it this week again too and my Goal in that is...Kill ALL the Enemy's...as mech inf squad! Right now i have to learn again how the nice spots are. <_<


I have allready a TWS MG Scope that was YERY important in the first part of the mission.

and the marksman addon. this is also important, the bipod function is crucial in this approach

My beginning is very slow and long because i have to get all the gear for my troops before i can go and have fun.

my Standard load out i prefer and try to put on the AI is:


CSAT Assassin Helm (armor level IV) or higher (CSAT Defender helm was imho the highest in game but i never found one)

NATO uniform, no gurilliera clothes (More stuff you can put in)

Vest with min Armor level3 (after a while your whole team will have lvl5 anyway ^^)

carry all Backpacks

5 First aid on uniform.

5 Stanag (never use tracer)

if GL rifle, also 5 nades if normal MX up to 9 stanag

3 smokes for the medic

all AI weapons with ARCO, only the MXM with DMS or LRPS

my self i use all the time, Nightstalker, ARCO or TWS

if available silencer (i didn't found them again yet)

all tactic glasses (because TACTICAL!! ^^ )

black NVGs from CSAT (or brown)


only myself has a Binocular and GPS, DON'T give the AI Binoculars. they allways use them and lost precious seconds to fire back if they under attack because of weapons switch. they are slow anyway don't make it worse.



right now i try to get all the MX ones, because of the 6,5 stanag you can use in ALL Weapons of this type (yes the LMG can also use the 30rnd clips)

switch out the MXC with standard MX weapons if you can. My feel is that they are more powerful.


only myself has other weapons. the ammo management can otherwise a real pain in the Ass.


Main weapon is the Zafir 7,63 with TWS MG. Good up to 600m

above i try the lynx or if ammo low some 7,62 with the nightstalker or normal TWS (no MG).

but mostly i sit in tanks and blow them up.


all AI that is NOT special (medic, eng, etc.) have to carry at least one rocket weapon. minimum one have a AA set.

Titan over PCML over alamut.



Try to shoot the pilots and crew and DON't blow up the vehicles only. they are useable and repairable and very useful for you.

only activ enemy armor should the a real threat for you and blown up by default.


1 Old rule since OFP:if you want to stay alive, STAY OFFROAD AND LOW AS POSSIBLE.in fact i fly in this mission ONLY if i want to end them.

2 if your in a car: PUT OUT THE ENGINE! IF YOU NOT DRIVE.

3 park the the cars tanks and all other things ALLWAYS between Houses or behind walls and fences or in corners of them. This walls and fences works as slat armor for you and give your the precious seconds you need to survive to flee or fight back


now my approach



Get the Truck.

clear the garbage out (Police stuff in there)

go to the CSAT body

get the Assasin Helm (armor level 4)

go to the FOB where you have privor found james

collect ALL the STRG Stuff (some for optic reasons yes. ;(, but mostly because i prefer a standard Load out for ALL my AI and myself )

collect all CSAT helmets.

get the Zafir from the autorifle men

put the TWS MG on it.

recalibrate it to 200 Meters (important, you have not many shot before the Black ops will kill you, so you have to hit them)

go on the tower

get a good spot and lock the Gun (press C if the bipod marker appears), be careful they can already see you if you get the wrong timing the pat will see you and shoot you.

single shot recommended

wait till the pat is behind some building (four at the same time was to risky)

Shot the two at the gate.

shot the pat.

dismount and go back to your truck

the street down, you collect all CSAT helmets and ALL NATO stuff.

especially ALL BACKPACKS because of...later

got up to the burned tower. CAREFUL if the gate of the dome are open.

on the Top same game with the pat inside the dome.

if the gates closed, watch the windows without TWS or NV and shoot on it if you see the pat running behind. the idiots will mostly open up the gate alone and you can shoot them the other will still run his pattern and approach after a while from the left.

now collect more CSAT helmets till you have 8

and again ALL NATO Stuff necessary for your load out.

and now go to the CSAT "Squad leader" (not only a group or Team leader) and look at his rifle...sweet Nightstalker on this thing

make the quest inside of the Dome.


here is something special because of my play style, you can jump over if you like:



reload the truck to the 6x6 covered, because the 6x6 is armored and rise your chance to survive a surprise attack from some patrols.

sometime (depends on load out) you have to exploit the backpack exploit...BECAUSE THE TRUCKS HAS SO RIDICULOUS LOW CAPACITY!! :angry: @BIS, the 6x6 should the able to load THE WHOLE TRUCK INCLUSVE ALL STUFF YOU COLLECTED BEFORE to be only "near" to be full. instead his capacity IS LOWER than this tiny 3,5to truck. that's plain worst.

first all backpacks (EMPTY!)

then all Weapons

then all uniforms and vests.

then rest.

if full use exploit: 


grab a backpack from the 6x6

fill it till max.

go to the 6x6


choose a new backpack.

Right click on it.

you should switch now the backpacks regardless of the weigth

repeat till all backpacks are full or all stuff is loaded.

i never tested it with carryall backpacks only, but with that the 6x6 should be near his real capactity. (several metric tons (3,5t (3500kg) i guess) and ca. 6-8m³ volumen, in short: a LOT more stuff than actiually)



up to here i have nearly one hour of collecting and stuff behind me. i get faster after i now what i want and where i can find it. but 30 min are fast.


get the 6x6 (because armored)

then go pick up the NATO.

drive BEHIND the building, patrols are mostly in range and will shoot at you.

Pick up the troops.

go south and AVOID the city's

go to the swamp. drive SLOW and get the Mine detector form the eng.

pick up the FIA guys.

go east. 80-90° till you found the APC Panther.

be careful that the area are CLEAR! you have to reload here.

only the AAF guy should keep his vest and uniform, the whole team should be now nearly fully equipped. mostly one set of uniform and vest should remain.

go in the APC, abandon the 6x6

go east and clear the Helipad.

set up Guards in the Mora or minimum in the panther. if you haven't it blow up use the strider there. be aware that sometime a 2nd chopper will appear. i mostly use the mora. AIM(!) i not found any reload possibility right now.

loot. 2nd Nightstalker form the officer.

get all the titans and PCML's

now you have to choose.

Mora, IFV or both.

the mora should be mostly damaged. you can repair it on the Dome.


now you are free to go where ever you want: reload trucks i never found yet, but i'm very sure they will be someone somewhere. with that i will be the god of Wrath on the CSAT.


from here on i try to push back the north offensive. but i get mostly killed by some Tanks or AT i never found.


because of no save point and i have not THIS much time i get frustrated after a week of trying ( mostly 3 try per evenig) in the past and lost it .


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I cleared the facility of CSAT soldiers ( what armor do they use? A normal granade couldn't kill them at once...). I took Tempest ( because YES! :D) and tried to get to the AAF's helipad on the east. I picked up NATO soldiers, escaped from STRIDER .50 cal and an AAF patrol ( no casualties). I drove to western edge of the swamp, ordered to go in column and took from engi the mine detector, if any mines were close enough I ordered engi to defuse them. then I picked FIA guerillas and with the same tactic I reached the end of the swamp on the east. Before I attacked the helipad I just didn't want to die so I did set the A.I. to 0/0. When I was close some AAF soldier started shooting and in 5 seconds he killed my 3 crew members ( I was like: WTH?! HOW DID HE DO THAT?!...ehhh ok these guys just didn't have luck...) Then a group of 3 AAF soldiers came out of nowhere, so I did hide behind a rock and SOMEHOW SOME RANDOM BULLET INSTA-KILLED ME ( headshot I guess). and that in one of the reasons why I want the freakin save game option ON!

if they can shoot at you, you are to close. get a MG and the TWS and a good chuck of distance between you and your enemy. 500m above should good. then kill them BEFORE they even get a glimpse of you.

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To win you just don't have to suck at the game. It was quite easy the last mission, the only reason I died is because I wanted to take the AAF airfield. WHICH is NOT recommended, they have tanks and jets. Near the swamp is a abandoned Marshall and in the heliport if there is no helicopter there is usually a Mora.

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At the east swamp heliport you have a S***load of AT Weapons. Use them. the Tanks are no thread anymore.

Because the 2nd dangerous thing in this game was a Tank...the most dangerous thing in there was a Infantry soldier with a AT weapon.

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What's the mystery? Remember the truck with the big device in the back that you took to Miller?

The Mystery is that CSAT have developed a Earthquake device and Miller try to get Hands on. the Lab you found was the Main research lab. And if you look at the seismic Map in the Lab you will see the whole Island is bloody red, that means there is a major seismic zone under there. My guess is that the Whole island cann sunk in the Mediterranean sea if it shake too much. And this is imho one of the bad endings.. You do some stuff and suddenly it's shaking and never stops and screen fades out with credits rolling


btw: someone notes that in the LAB one of the four generators are "activ"? by the time some Shakes occurs...i never checked if one of the devieces get newly activated...but if, it's a kind of a Timer. i also never try it blow them up.

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I have found a rather efficient way to complete all objectives and finish the mission as designed (no saves), and it works pretty much every time with minimal headache. 

Lots of driving, but no slogging through the swamp again and again worrying about mines and lethal OPFOR SpecOps in the mist... 


This mission has awesome replay potential! 

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