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NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz WEAPONS for A3

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4 hours ago, tmp95 said:

Perhaps..... But I'd bet dollars to doughnuts without the modding community A2 or A3 would not ever have happened

Another preposterous statement. Has the Arma Franchise benefited from the modding community, for sure it has, but to say neither would have happened is plain and simply wrong.

Once again you seem to be making excuses and blaming the Game platform, nowhere does it state in their product that it needs, nor should be run,with 3rd party addons, and modifications.

As an addon maker myself, I don't go around blaming BIS for their updates, especially when as a paying customer, I appreciate those FREE updates, does it irk me when they change a parameter, that renders MY addon unworkable, yes I do, but then I have to spend the time, and effort to get MY product to work, with theirs, BIS don't go around the modding community and ask if it's okay to update their own product.


5 hours ago, tmp95 said:

We also have dozens and dozens of hours into mission building which use said "mods".  So once they are broken it isn't that easy to just say, well it is still useable, just don't use those.

That is the risk you take when you become dependent on 3rd party addons, it is NOT BIS responsibility, you clearly stated that the product was unusable, no, the addon is unusable, the product works ( for the most parts) just fine. You do realise that most addons come with disclaimers and that you use those at your own risk, so instead of griping about the platform, you should be griping at the addon creators themselves to update their products.


5 hours ago, tmp95 said:

And for those of us who work 50+ hours weekly we are greatly appreciative to those very talented modders (like Massi) and all the work they do. Nor do we have the time to learn modding of particular subsets within the game. 

And yet you perhaps seem to be under the illusion that addon creators don't fall into this category either ? Real Life is a bitch at times, and addon creators who also work away from their tool's also are unable to magic fixes, it's just called the real world and you have to prioritise your life. Perhaps Massi himself simply doesn't have the time to re-write new configs for all his addons?
If you can spend dozens of hours, after a 50+ hour week, creating missions, there's NO EXCUSE for not learning how to write config files, which 90% of Massi's addons are, mere config changes of characters, weapons and vehicles. 

Alwarren nails it, with his comments.

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And to stop this thread going any further from the topic in question, i will close it. If Massi returns he can PM a moderator to re-open the thread. 

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