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TvT Land Supremacy

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The Land Supremacy Mod for ArmA 2, created by CSF_Carlo, intends to recreate the best RTS game ever made so far, Company of Heroes... Lets explain how does it works:

the theather of the fight is Lingor Island with ACE mod and each faction (USA and RUS) will have a base,

The island has been divided into 13 sectors that must be conquered, the more sector you conquer the faster the amount of your resources grows quickly, that you may use to grow

your arsenal, the resources are:




After you've got enough resources, the team leader of each faction (only him), using a dialogue window (that he may find in the mouse's wheels menù), he'll be able to build

the factoryes that are:





Once completed a building, it may give you the following option:


- ammo box (may be dragged and loaded into vehicles);

- jeeps;

- Repair vehicles/ refuel vehicles /rearm vehicles ;


- armored vehicles;


- tanks;


- helicopters (CH-47F and Mi-8MT can lift all vehicles);

- planes;

To win the match you must destroy all the factoryes and the enemy HQ MOBILE.

The number of respawns is unlimited and you may resp only in the base,with the weapon and ammoes that you had at the time that you were killed.

I hope you like it!

Have fun!


-ArmA 2: Combined Operations








Download and more information:



- BIS for Arma 2

- Cougar Special Force Clan : http://www.cougarspecialforce.com/index.php?sid=d184f1fddc468b25ac747514fed495ba

- =BTC=Giallustio for =BTC= Logistic

- CSF_Rommel for translation

- CSF_Fapic for the website

Land Supremacy is also on Facebook, get in contact with us to ask anything you need or for more infoes about it!


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Hey there Carlo, Ive been playing around with your mission and it is a great start to something awesome. But I have a few questions. First what is the end game? I went around and took all the resources and let them rack up into the thousands and I never won the round. Second, is there a forward spawn ability? Or is it everytime you die you start from main again? That may lead to some unintended consequesnces, namely base raping. I also noticed that the "manpower" resource is the only one that really matters, as nearly everything has a HUGE manpower cost in relation to ammo and Petrol. Is there a bigger reason behind this that I am missing? Anyway, Id love to see some more on this as I'm trying to get our community to host some large scale TvT missions or even a campaign.

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